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How to Become a Billing Machine Operator

Career News December 30, 2013

A billing machine operator operates a billing machine for preparing bills and invoices to be sent to customers specifying the amount the customer owes the company as well as the itemized breakup of the bill, with a description of the item or items which have been purchased, the quantity and taxes if applicable.

This bill is prepared from the company records, and reminders have to be sent periodically for unpaid bills. Depending on the size of the business, the billing machine may be connected to a computer or network of computers or a standalone billing machine may be used. The procedure to become a billing machine operator varies depending on the employer as well as the city or town where the billing machine operator is working.

The basic qualification needed for a billing machine operator is using a certificate degree with a basic understanding of accounting practice. There are many universities which offer online degrees, which can be both cost efficient as well as convenient. Larger companies may specify that the candidate should have formal qualifications, but smaller organizations may not insist on a formal degree, especially if the candidate is willing to work for a lower salary or already has relevant experience in a related field.

Most vocational training programs will usually only offer a short duration course as a billing machine operator, where the trainees will be given hands-on training in operating a billing machine. Some billing machine operator courses may include a module where in the trainee can work as an assistant to a billing machine operator working in a company or small business, so that the trainee gains practical experience.

Most billing machine operator positions are advertised online on job portals and classified websites as well as offline in local newspapers and magazines. Some placement agencies and consultants may also help in finding billing machine operator jobs.

In some cases, the organization hiring the billing machine operator may ask applicants for the position to undergo a test, which includes checking whether the applicant has the qualities needed for being a successful billing machine operator – is reliable, pays close attention to even the most minute details, and is calm even when subjected to extremely stressful situations.

These qualities are essential, as even a minor mistake can result in financial losses to the organization. Since the billing machine used and procedure varies from company to company, much of the training undergone by the billing machine operator will be hands on training.

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