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How to Become a Branch Review Specialist

Career News February 23, 2014

Are you naturally skilled at thinking critically and following up with creative ideas? A branch review specialist may be right up your alley. A branch review specialist has a specific set of duties outside of management and basic customer service within a bank branch. They are responsible for testing established procedures to maximize efficiency. This testing process involves careful evaluation and reviews. The ability to test procedures also involves the familiarity of company standard practices. Unlike a manager, a branch review specialist doesn’t always have years of experience behind him or her, so they must use good judgment combined with industry experience to accomplish specific goals.

Educational Requirements

This individual works under supervision of the branch manager, and uses his or her creativity and knowledge of banking procedures to evaluate procedures. The worker assumes responsibility for testing in-branch services, teller services, customer services and lending services. Internal auditing is part of the criteria of planning the future of the company, as is comparing the company’s practices to state and federal guidelines.

Applicants are required to be educated on modern business strategies, and this is what a bachelor’s degree can teach you. Some businesses will consider bringing on an employee with only an associate’s degree, but they will prefer candidates with two to four years of experience in related field. You are not expected to be a manager, but an effective team player, one familiar with practices and concepts. You are adaptable in business since you will perform many individual tasks within your job title.

Important Qualities

Critical thinkers are welcomed, since majority of the job is in identifying inefficient practices or programs that are slowing the branch down and directly affecting performance. These critical analysis come through your evaluations. You know about state laws since banks will count on you to keep them in compliance with all applicable laws. Good reading and writing skills are required, since you prepare reports based on your findings, as well as the corrective actions you recommend.

Anti-money laundering knowledge is a skill set, since many of the procedures are connected with this part of business. Be on the lookout for possible money-laundering incidents, and read up on how companies prevent and report such crimes. You may also perform due diligence studies in order to verify customer identities, particularly if suspicious activity occurs.

While this is not a managerial position, this is a team leadership position. You are expected to have excellent leadership abilities, as well as technical know-how, since you are often given challenging technical tasks to resolve. Your implementation experience and education will go a long way. Work your way up to a level of self-sufficiency in order to be an example to other companies.

If this appeals to you and you want to be involved in a job with heavy responsibilities and high pay, then reach out to your local college and learn more about finance, administration and economy. A branch review specialist may be just the career field you’ve been waiting for.

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