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How to Become a Budgeting Supervisor

Career News February 25, 2014

Are you talented at keeping up with numbers and well organized in most aspects of your life? You are a convergent thinker, and that is valuable in business. Think about the possibility of becoming a budgeting supervisor.

There are two sharp differences between the role of a budgeting manager and a supervisor. The supervisor does not have the authority to hire and fire employees. Because of their direct contact with their team, supervisors may make recommendations, but they are not an actual part of the process for recruiting new members or terminating employment. Nor does the budgeting supervisor have the authority to create a budget. Supervisors are provided with a budget created by management and are expected to work within the constraints to produce a productive environment for the members within their teams.

Functions of a Budgeting Supervisor

There are also two primary functions of a budgeting supervisor. The supervisor is the overseer. Supervisor responsibilities entail giving instructions to the team members to ensure quality production within the boundaries of cost and safety. The supervisor is responsible for the work and actions of the team members.

Many job capacities do not require advanced education for a supervisory role. The position is generally filled after several years of experience with working for a company and demonstrating company loyalty, leadership qualities and good work ethics. However, budget supervisors are also required to have a strong foundation in mathematics. Typically, qualifications are work experience and a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business or a related field.

Budget supervisors often have the power to make purchases within assigned limits. They may supervise and approve work hours for their employees and handle payroll issues. They work daily with their team, responding to employee requests, needs and issues. They are a cohesive force for training, leading and motivating subordinates, directing tasks, jobs and projects and enforcing company rules.

Requirements Before Getting Hired

Budgeting supervisors are required to have a great deal of familiarity with their company’s concepts, practices and procedures. They facilitate the analysis of over-runs or under-runs, the actual spending and revenue of the various departments and are expected to provide a variety of statistical reports. They report to a general or branch manager and often work closely with managers to help create marketing and promotional plans, review standards and decrease inefficiencies.

Many large companies have begun branching overseas, and are hiring budget supervisors to assist with their overseas businesses. Candidates for an overseas budget supervisory position must learn a second language, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance or management, and have gained two years of work experience in the field. For qualified candidates, overseas companies will implement development and training modules to help improve the employee’s ability to work in terms of cultural corporate policies and provide technical training, management functions and leadership skills compliant with their overseas position.

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