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How to Become a Business Systems Executive

Career News February 26, 2014

A business systems executive (BSE) is a bank employee that evaluates the bank’s financial strategies, namely, in order to meet goals and sales predictions. This professional enhances productivity and profit while evaluating the performance.

A BSE oversees all aspects of the banking system, hence the title. He implements and operates the system that keeps the business afloat. This includes finances, billing, media, and other operational procedures.

This is not a managerial role but one concerned with IT and modern computing software. A business systems executive ensures that the company is in compliance with local or state laws, as well as established business policies that keep records safe.

Skills needed to be Hired

If you land a job as a BSE you are the one that will ensure data collection, online security, legal compliance and maintenance issues. You are the first point of contact for business managers, who usually don’t understand complex computer or connection problems. Instead of just keeping things running, you are also in charge of keeping the system upgraded and backed up so that no emergency will catch the company off guard.

This job is an important position for any business that wants to turn over profit consistently; not merely a corporate obligation. There are small firms and large publicly held companies that see the value in keeping all computer systems stabilized, responsive and accounted for.

Besides keeping the systems well maintained, you have an addition duty to educate others regarding basic IT problems. You may be asked to train employees on how to resolve a technical issue manually so that a technician doesn’t have to be called.

Technical understanding is mandatory. However, there are other skill sets to focus on. For instance, communication with others is a priority, as is having a natural ability to impart orders while retaining a friendly and professional demeanor. You will be speaking to many workers, all with different levels of responsibility. You reach these people at their level of understanding, using reasoning and simple analogies that anyone can comprehend.

As you can see, this is almost as much an educational position as it is a technical manager. Leadership is another important quality, because of your instructional duties. A business systems executive may even be asked to teach a supervisor how to use a new or improved system.

Educational Commitments

It’s difficult to break into such a prominent leadership role without college experience. Most applicants have a bachelor’s degree and also come from a related field with at least five years of working experience.

You’re expected to know IT as well as the professional standards and practices associated with business systems.

You report to the manager but mainly exercise control over the system itself, collaborating with whomever you need to keep the company accessible and organized.

If you are a natural at computers, then think seriously about becoming a business systems executive. Studying computer science or engineering would be an excellent start to landing a job in corporate, progressive environments.

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