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How to Become a Credit Card Operations Clerk

Career News June 6, 2014

Would you like to earn an impressive salary and work in a stable career field with many perks? Then, think about working in a credit card business, even in an entry-level position like an operations clerk.

A credit card operations clerk is an entry-level position and one that comes with many opportunities for advancement. The operations clerk interviews applicants and then makes sure that all credit information, as well as personal data, checks out. The operations clerk also informs applicants whether their credit card application has been approved or denied.

The Job

A great part of the business is finding solutions to problems, wherever possible. This is not limited to applicants with dilemmas, but also regular cardholders and satisfying their requests. In other words, this work favors workers with problem solving abilities. As with any line of customer service, a company that cannot retain its existing client base will have major problems. A clerk’s work, though entry-level, can actually involve a variety of individual tasks.

If you acquire such a job, you will answer to the operations supervisor. Much of what you do will be approved by your superiors, but this is a valuable learning process. Your skills should complement the job description as follows: interviewing skills, bookkeeping experience and the ability to find answers through research and addressing questions and answers. You are a natural at achieving goals even with limited information or authority level.

Many of your hours per day will be spent answering questions and performing basic answers. Ideally, you are familiar with the industry you are in, in this case credit, as well as the concepts and practices that go with it.

The Value of a College Degree

Because you are working in the lucrative field of credit, companies will scrutinize your profile and resume to determine, if you have both knowledge and experience. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree have an easier time with the hiring process, as they have already demonstrated a commitment. However, with two years of experience or more, you may land a job in a non-managerial role. A high school diploma is the only achievement required, but as always, a higher degree looks more impressive on a resume.

Of course, advancement comes with additional training; a school like UMCP can provide that for you. The competition is tough, and many lending companies are hiring applicants with both a college degree and minimal experience in a related field. This is because with this career job, and the heavy responsibility you are given, you can rapidly progress and eventually achieve a managerial position. This merely requires proving that you are adept at learning the systems and policies, and excelling in communication skills.

Even if you do land this job with a high school diploma, aim for a bachelor’s degree in credit or finance fields, as this will put you in an ideal place for a management promotion. Companies do often hire managers from their own staff because of the years of on-the-job training you have. It all starts with education and career planning!

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