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How to Become a Credit Card Operations Manager

Career News June 6, 2014

Do you consider yourself an organizational person capable of talking to others and demonstrating leadership potential?

A credit card operations manager is a managerial position with the capacity to make over $69,000 per year, according to the Certified Compensation Professionals’ HR report. This individual is in charge of managing all daily activities for the lender’s credit card division. He or she is in charge of designing operational policies and procedures; this professional has the right to recommend changes. These changes are made with the intent to make the business efficient.

Your Duties

As a manager, you will be in charge of overseeing all operations as well as the implementations that ensure business policy. In order to do this, the company expects you to have experience and knowledge in how to handle credit card operations and standard policies of the business. Additional requirements include business strategy and managerial training, since you will supervise 30 workers at a time. You are not merely a boss, but also a professional communicator, someone who can provide advice and think critically and logically in every situation.

Since the department thrives on good teamwork, this is where your skills are most apparent: as a leader. Your intimate knowledge of the business and your company are important, as well as understanding how legislation affects the business. You report to and work alongside the department head to promote efficient collaboration and coordination, especially regarding payment and policy.

Employment History and Training

Credit card operations managers are expected by the company to be educated in industry and management theory. This means starting with a bachelor’s degree in an important field, such as finance or economics.

An MBA is needed if you hope to acquire a management position. However, even more important is direct experience working with the business, with years of experience within the office. This matters because you, as a senior employee, will take the lead in leadership, shaping business policy, evaluating others, and ensuring compliance to local law and official business procedure.

This is a heavy workload type of job, so companies will often hire within their own ranks since long-time workers don’t have to be taught much in the way of company policy, software, and other issues. Still, to promote someone without a degree or any experience in leadership would be a costly error.

To some extent, your future work will depend on whether you are employed by a bank, credit union, or even a department store that has its own in-store credit cards. If you are skilled with numbers, efficient at organization, and enjoy talking to people along with working out solutions; you are a prime candidate for a manager position. You only need the education and work experience to prove yourself.

Let UMD, or the college of your choosing, help you build a firm educational foundation. If you are persistent and succeed, you will always find work opportunities.

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