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How to Become a Credit Card Operations Supervisor

Career News June 6, 2014

Do you enjoy managing others, and helping these employees to reach their potential? If you can do that while also balancing daily obligations then you may have what it takes to be an operations supervisor.

A credit card operations supervisor is a valued employee with leadership skills and organizational skills, the likes of which can earn a qualified applicant upwards of $70,000 per year. However, with managerial perks comes responsibility and stringent requirements to fulfill. This is a job that requires heavy industry experience as well as a strong educational background.

Duties of Credit Card Operations Supervisors

A supervisor’s first responsibility is to provide leadership to a team of clerks, accountants, and other workers. This professional will work with a variety of lending issues. Some professionals specialize in niche fields like wealth managing, stockbroking, retail lending, banking, and mortgaging.

Usually companies state that they desire an energetic individual who can manage the daily operations of a team and claim responsibility for all implementation and regulatory framework. You ensure client delivery, processing, and especially credit and operational functions, since you specialize in credit. Many decisions regarding credit extensions and other issues are left up to you.

You also supervise staff through business training and personal development. The company and your department manager expects your team to meet the minimum level of standards, including compliance with state regulations, staffing, team skills (educating them and developing their required skills) and making decisions based on little feedback.

Education is Important

Companies do often hire from within their own ranks, mainly because these workers understand how regulations work and how the credit business operates on a daily basis. Still, companies usually only hire workers with managerial training.

What makes a manager is formal education in a related field, like finance, business or specialty fields in credit. Developing the skills that define a leader, such as communicative abilities and the ability to think critically with limited information are also important.

Work experience is preferred since this is a managerial role, and it’s usually within a bank or lending company. Any experience working as a credit officer or operating within a credit card business is ideal. As far as technical skills go, many modern lending companies do prefer experience with IT systems. Working hand knowledge of credit card boarding, NCCP regulations, and collections and debt aging is also required because this is in the field of credit.

A credit card operations supervisor will have a reputation within the office or stated on the resume showing that he or she can adhere to all professional standards. If you are contemplating going back to school then specialize in a career field that is growing and leads to stable and well-paying jobs.

Schools like UMCP, or one in your own home state, can help you get started. Seeking educational opportunities is not a risk. Trying to find work without a solid education is a risk and one you cannot afford!

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