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Career Information for Individuals with a Construction Engineering Degree

Career News February 15, 2016

If you have ever thought of pursuing a degree program in Engineering, read this article and learn the skills that you would acquire, career choices, salary and the licensing you may have to get before seeking for employment.

Career Outlook for those with a Construction Engineering Degree

First of all, construction engineering is one of the fastest growing fields in the engineering profession. A degree program in this field equip students with principles of engineering, general knowledge about building structures and ethics involved in the career. Note that most universities offer construction engineering skills under the degree program called Civil engineering.

Profession Civil Engineer Construction Manager Environmental Engineer
Education Details Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Education varies on the specific job group. However, it ranges from a high school Diploma to a Bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, and engineering or construction science. A bachelor’s degree in general, civil or chemical engineering
Estimated Job Growth Rate 8% 5% 12%
Average Salary in 2012 $82,050 $85,630 $83,360

What can I do with a Construction Engineering Degree?

The main career paths that one may follow after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in construction engineering are civil engineering, construction management or a job as an environmental engineer. Irrespective of which profession you choose to join, the skills that one learn in construction engineering can help you when selecting the materials to be used during construction, managing construction sites or help with fixing things such as hydraulic systems.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers often head construction projects. They also makes estimates for construction materials, apply for building permits and are also involved in testing construction materials. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a construction manager earned an average annual salary of $82,050 in 2012. As for the career itself, the BLS estimates that there will be a job growth rate of eight percent up to the year 2022.

Construction Managers

They oversee that construction projects go on well, check for compliance with building and safety rules and are also responsible for interpreting technical details to the construction crew. The BLS estimates a job growth rate of five percent in this career while their average salary is at $85,630 in 2012.

Environment Engineers

They look at problems related to the environment and find solutions to these problems. In most cases, environment engineers may have to work alongside scientists and other engineers in order to get solutions to certain problems. In 2012, an environmental engineer earned an average annual salary of $83,360 as per the BLS. On the other hand, this career is expected to grow at an average rate of twelve percent in the next seven years (2022).

Additional Information for those with a Construction Engineering Degree

In most cases, Universities only offer construction engineering related studies under the more popular engineering field of civil engineering. On another note, construction engineers are likely to see either a rise or reduction in the number of available jobs due to high competition already in the market. To be on the safe side, engineers are advised to look for licensure from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology approved program, obtain necessary experience and pass both exams.

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