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Financial Assistant: Breaking into the World of Finance

Career News February 16, 2014

Breaking into the world of finance may not be as elusive as one may think. While a degree in finance is desired, once achieved, there are various paths to enter into this world. Becoming a Financial Assistant can prove to be a strategic choice suitable to an individual’s desired career path.

This position is an entry-level position that requires minimal prior experience. The tasks required by the Financial Assistant may vary by employer, yet the supportive role will have common threads field wide. A successful candidate can begin to lay the framework essential to a fulfilling career within the financial world.

The objective of this finance professional, as the name suggests, is to assist in the administration of daily financial activities of their employer. From heading off questions to keeping accurate and timely records, the Assistant will utilize computer software and systems in the course of their day. Knowledge of popular computer programs and accounting systems are a must for any Assistant to be proficient in their field.

This professional should be prepared for the firing squad as answering questions rest with the Assistant. He or she will address questions from internal personnel as well as external sources such as, finance managers, stakeholders, customers and suppliers. Questions regarding budgets, policies, procedures, and pertinent legislation are just the tip of the inquisitive iceberg that this professional will face; thus, a customer-friendly attitude and personable demeanor is an invaluable trait.

Answering questions may be a frequent part of the daily life of the profession, but performing calculation puts their accounting knowledge into practice. Their training comes into play by compiling analysis, completing cost estimates, and often assisting with payroll. Crunching numbers to be used by managers and senior staff is a key support role of an Assistant. They will also perform checks of corrections and maintenance of a variety of financial records and documents for their employer.

“There is no I in team,” should be the mantra of this type of professional. The assistant is a supportive role. He or she being a team player is vital to the success of the department as a whole. Using intuition and hard work they bring much to the table. Carrying the weight of their workload through organization, attention to detail, and contribution aids the team’s success rate. Although these main roles are supportive in nature that does not diminish their value in improving the department as a whole when they take on an active seat in seeking solutions to improve operations.

A house will be shaky and eventually will cave in without proper supportive beams; the same is true of the financial department. Without the supportive role played by Financial Assistants, a financial department will not be as efficient or effective. The tedious tasks often taken on by this professional are not the most desirable or rewarding, however, when he or she fulfills the role successfully they can set a firm foundation for a bright future in the world of finance.

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