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Hotel and Restaurant Management Salary Information

Career News November 22, 2014

People with a hotel and restaurant degree can earn varying salaries. According to the Best Hospitality Degrees, the starting salaries can be between $28,000 and $40,000 on average. Those with a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience can earn around $38,000.

With a master’s degree and some years of experience, one can possibly earn as much as $80,000 to $250,000. For instance, general managers of hotels and resorts are in high demand and are considered to be the highest paid in the industry. Also, those with benefits, such as a 401k, might get a lower salary. The salaries are also influenced by the location and place of employment.

Basic Hotel and Restaurant Management Salary Information

Paying attention to which schools are listed as the best schools in your state and area of interest will provide the best schooling available for your future endeavors. Making sure that the school of choice is accredited with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) will help ensure that you are getting the best education and accreditation available to you.

Your Hotel and Restaurant Management Salary Is Variable

Your salary can vary, but many aspects, such as location, education, experience, and benefits available, can also make a difference as to what opportunities are available to you in your preferred area of employment. We have all heard location, location, location, and that also comes into play here. Some areas will give you the opportunity to earn more, such as a general manager in the casino environment.

Be sure to research what might be available in your area and where the demand may be for employment in the hotel and restaurant management industry.

Salary and Job Position

You have looked into education or you may already have a degree in hotel and restaurant management. Now you are looking to see where work is available and what industry the demand is in, such as hotels, resorts, or casinos. Weigh your options, and educate yourself in perfecting your sales skills for negotiations.

You can land a higher salary if you know how to sell yourself and your skills. Paying attention to what that particular company is looking for and the needs that need to be filled can also give you the upper hand in negotiations.

Be Confident

Being confident in the skills you acquired while in college can also be a big factor in your sales points. If you already have experience, let the company know that you have already had exposure by working with another chef or manager. Maybe you have had experience covering another manager, so that gives you management exposure.

Don’t leave anything out when selling you, your education, and your skills for negotiations. It may very well be the difference in the level of salary and demand for your skills. Remember, you want them to invest in you, so sell yourself and don’t “sell yourself short.”

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