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Popular Careers related to Computer Technology

Career News June 2, 2016

Careers you can Pursue in Computer Technology

Computers make work easier. They solve complex tasks in such high speeds that no one could have ever imagined of. Today, almost every office has a computer and jobs related to computer technology are plenty compared to jobs in other professions. Read this article to learn some of the most popular professions that someone who loves computers can pursue in life.

Computer Networking

In simple terms, computer networking is the ability of one computer to communicate with another. It is through computers that the Internet came to life; interconnecting networks across the world. A computer networking specialist deals in conducting test communications or Network architect design. Either way, these professionals install and maintain computer networks for most organizations. Security specialists who major in computer networking ensure that data in these organizations is protected.

Computer Science

They are highly trained in inventing new technologies related to computers and their uses. They study computing sciences and improve on their efficiency and performance. Sometimes, computer scientists work alongside engineers to help solve complex dilemmas. They may also work in virtual reality technologies or in creating robotics.

Computer software Engineering

Computers operate with the help of software. Without appropriate software in place, computers wouldn’t be as effective as they are today. Therefore, it is the work of computer software engineers to design, write and test already programmed software before they are released into the business, entertainment or education fields. Their skills are also responsible for the video games and network support products that we use in our computers every day. With all these products and services asking for the skills of a computer software engineer, job opportunities for these professionals are likely to remain high.

Computer Support

Creating computer programs, engineering software and making the computer functional might be where most work is done, but if no one knows how to use these computers and software, then the work of engineers will be in vain. Computer support specialists therefore help people understand the different uses of computer software in an organization. They help resolve workflow issues in different organizations. When an employee for instance, fails to understand how to use a certain website, computer support specialists come to their rescue. On the other hand, these professionals might choose to work in consultation centers where they field emails and calls from computer users from different parts of the country. Computer support work will however demand some good communication skills as well as patience when working with slow learning individuals.

Computer System Analysis

The work environment for computer system analysts ranges from business organizations, research institutes and in engineering fields. All in all, computer systems analysts help solve different technological issues relating to the use of computers. For instance, they may help set up computers in a way that employees can easily record clients’ profiles into the organization’s databases. Finally, computer system analysis require good communication skills as work involves working with colleagues in the field as well as your seniors.

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