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Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions November 6, 2013

Accounts payable/receivable managers are accounting professionals engaged by organizations to maintain and record all outgoing and incoming financial transactions. Although such transactions can be accomplished manually with the use of paper ledgers if the company or organization is small, accounts payable/receivable managers commonly use several computer programs like Arriba and QuickBooks to manage every financial transaction.

Like other positions in accounting or finance, accounts payable/receivable managers have various duties and responsibilities. One who aspires to become an accounts payable/receivable manager must be aware of the job description of the position in order for them to their job properly. Here are some of the known responsibilities and duties of accounts payable/receivable managers:

Team Management

An accounts payable/receivable manager has the responsibility for the most essential areas of his or her employer’s business. As a result, it is vital for accounts payable/receivable managers to create the best team of account payable/receivable specialists to do their tasks accurately and efficiently. In addition to hiring and recruiting specialists, accounts payable/receivable managers must train the new employees on the processes, systems, and procedures involved in the organization. Accounts payable/receivable managers must also supervise their work.

Work Environment

An accounts payable/receivable manager works in an office environment. These managers often sit at a desk within an office or a cubicle. Oftentimes, accounts payable/receivable managers work 40 hours every week from Monday to Friday. It is not common; However, in some work places particularly in other industries, these managers are obliged to work during busy seasons.

Hazards of Being An Account Payable/Receivable Manager

An accounts payable/receivable manager sits for a long period of hours throughout the day and works in front of a computer. Being one of the accounts payable/receivable managers may let you experience some ailments. For instance, those who are working for this position may experience eyestrain and headaches because of the countless hours working in front of computers. In addition, accounts payable/receivable managers have a risk of some repetitive motion ailments such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

Eligibility Requirements

Due to the important tasks and duties of accounts payable/receivable managers, many employers prefer to consider hiring the ones who already have work experience. They also prefer those who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business-related courses. Moreover, candidates may choose to obtain a certification that is accomplished by passing examinations successfully. These examinations are administered by International Accounts Receivable Professionals and as well as International Accounts Payable Professionals.

Occupational Statistics

According to a survey, accounts payable/receivable managers earned an annual income of $32,510, in 2008. During that time, the position was a promising job because of its offered opportunities.

Some tasks and duties of accounts payable/receivable managers may vary depending on the company or organization looking for an employee to fill this position. However, depending on the preferences and qualities of a particular establishment, candidates must know the job description of accounts payable/receivable managers so that they will be aware of their responsibilities once they are hired for the position.

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