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Checking/Debit Card Business Manager Job Description

Job Descriptions December 27, 2013

Check and debit card scanners are big business, considering that only 27% of total point of sale purchases are made with cash. Furthermore, reports suggest (including one by Javelin Strategy & Research) that the total is going to drop down to 23% within four years. That means that the world is starting to tire of paying with cash, and that checking and debit card transactions are only going to become more important in day-to-day business. As a checking/debit card business manager, your job is to manage all departments of this aspect of business, including cardholder services, merchant services, credit management and relationship management with cardholders.

Where You Work

You might also work in areas of risk management, portfolio acquisitions and other areas involving charge business. Ultimately, this is a managerial position that is typically involved with banks or financial companies. You check and manage card operations, and work with strategy and planning, while monitoring your brand’s product development, ensuring all ideas stay competitive.

An experienced manager with a history in finance excels in this field. Familiarity with concepts and practices in the field are strongly suggested, not to mention a bachelor’s degree education. Work experience is also mandatory, though companies can make individual assessments. Usually, eight years of experience is fitting for this managerial role. The experience and judgment you gain from working on the job will prepare you for a variety of leadership tasks, not to mention giving you experience in directing the work of your employees.

Creativity is important, as you are a senior level executive who must communicate with many people, all the while implementing new programs or policies that help achieve goals. Much of the work is in checking for ambiguous cases and overseeing banking procedures that help prevent bad card charges. You are not merely employed by the bank but review and assess the bank’s policies. Your analysis helps to increase profit and minimize risk. You are entrusted with key issues such as pricing, industry trends, and even bank products.

Your Objectives as a Manager

Managers are responsible for the department and work with a full spectrum of products and services. They create a vision and in many cases, actually plan the objectives for the entire debit/credit operation. They know the competition and create practices intended to improve the systems of other companies. Great pressure is put upon them, since they are expected to keep apprised of trends of the industry and general market conditions. Lastly, you may have to explain the finance and science of what you do to others; the product, the history, and the evolving nature of credit and debit transactions.

It’s not an easy job, but it pays well and is a secure career choice, whether in good times or recession. This is a course that will keep you busy, earn you respect, and help you define the future for consumers. Now is the time to start your education and chart a course to success!

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