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Community Development Compliance Specialist Job Description

Job Descriptions December 29, 2013

The job description is fairly straight forward: the worker is responsible for the coordination and completion of government, regulatory, and compliance documents within the organization, for all community development activities. These can range from working for a company or charity, or a local government dealing with federal issues. It is the compliance manager’s job to know the regulations, how they affect his or her specific area, and devise means to make sure that all rules and regulations are complied with, on a regular basis.

The Community Development Compliance Specialist’s position requires at least a bachelor’s degree in management, government or some related area and two to four years of experience in the field or a related area. The area can be open as for educational background, but the experience is required to take the theoretical into the practical.

Your Responsibility as a Specialist

A community development compliance specialist is responsible for coordinating various groups and organizations toward completion of a specific goal or goals. In that process, the specialist will see that there is compliance to documentation required by government regulatory agencies. This multi-faceted position includes oversight of the activity and then ensuring that legal requirements have been met or exceeded.

The best known community development specialists today are congressmen, presidents, governors, mayors and other positions of what we know as civil reformers. Much of your assignment will be working on briefs and doing research on fair housing practices. You will also implement housing and loan models, which may even be adopted all across the country. The specialist’s position may not have much to do with court presentations, but it will always include research and implementations using present law, and occasionally, helping to adjust the law to make changes.

What Does the Job Entail?

In order to do be successful in the position, familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field is ideal. This will come from your advanced education and work experience, but you may have to rely on your own personal experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals at times.

In this position, you will perform a variety of tasks that, as noted previously may range from research to in the field “hands on” work. Your position is still under supervision, whether by an individual or group. There is a degree of creativity implicit in the position and the allowance of a certain latitude is required for you to fulfill your tasks, while remaining in the confines of the appropriate rules and regulations.

There are a variety of positions across the spectrum of business, governmental and charity organizations. The requirements are all similar, but often have some differences, such as corporate compliance manager. This person directs programs, policies, and practices. His or her job is to ensure that all business operations are in compliance with regulated financial policy and reporting regulations.

The position has a simple job description: Know all the laws and regulations that apply to your field, manage time and people, and always plan for situations and events on an ongoing basis. If a problem arises that there is no current solution for, create it. Simple enough for a person who looks forward to new challenges.

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