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Direct Sales Representative – Banking Job Description

Job Descriptions February 8, 2014

A direct sales representative (DSR), in banking, is responsible for sales and marketing of banking services.

A DSR may work in a single location or may travel in a defined area that the bank serves. A DSR may be involved with a single aspect of banking services; however, in most circumstances, is required to be familiar with and sell all banking services available from the bank.

Sales experience, customer service experience, and a pleasant friendly personality are a must for successful direct sales representatives. Two years of sales or customer service experience is normally the minimum requirement for entry level direct sales representative positions. Experience in banking or financial service is preferred.

A high school education or GED is normally required for entry level positions, but sales and banking experience can substitute for education in many instances. Senior level direct sales representative positions may require a degree.

Familiarity with computer operations or the ability to use banking computer software, portable computers, laptops, and similar devices is necessary for direct sales representatives in banking. Familiarity with smart-phones and apps is necessary for DSRs that travel.

Direct sales representatives usually report to a bank manager or a supervisor. The position requires that important information be transmitted to the manager, in a timely manner, but also requires a high level of independent thinking and decision making on the part of the direct sales representative.

Direct sales representatives are required to become familiar with every service that the bank they work for provides. Occasionally, there is a training period that allows the direct sales representative to become familiar with all of the services that they will be selling, familiar with the mechanics involved with daily transactions, and gain experience with the bank’s computer systems and programs.

A DSR will begin their career with a supervisor that will accompany them on sales calls, to train them in sales techniques and acquaint the clients with their new representative.

The main function of a direct sales representative is selling new services to new and existing clients. Selling is a learned skill. Once a person has mastered their selling technique and becomes intimately familiar with the services that the bank provides, they may be given a defined sales quota of new business and old customer expansion to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis. The quotas are realistic sales goals, based on the experience of former and existing direct sales representatives.

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