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Fraud Prevention Supervisor Job Description

Job Descriptions January 3, 2014

Part of the fraud prevention supervisor job description includes details about being able to lead cross-functional drives in order to discover fraud and prevent it from happening. This will include a lot of research of data, as well as documenting procedures which may currently have an impact on fraud. The position may require a bachelor’s degree and/or at least six years of experience within the field. Some companies may accept experience and education within a related field, such as private investigation or police experience.

He or she will be responsible for driving focused research and developments of fraud prevention methods. Partnering with other departments, such as Operations or IT may be involved. This, in turn, may require the fraud prevention supervisor to be familiar and comfortable with technology. Some positions may even need knowledge of networks and programming.

This job position will need a very strong and solid comprehension of fraud and risk. They will most likely be assisting in performing analysis of fraudulent behaviors within the company. Also, he or she may be required to design fraud prevention technology, in order to focus on the root cause.

Once the root cause of the problem has been discovered, then the fraud prevention supervisor may also be required to quantify that risk and then communicate the discoveries to upper level management in such a way that it will cause an improvement within the company. This can be done through initiating systems, processes, and changes of procedures which will focus on the issues of concern.

The fraud prevention supervisor will most likely be performing a variety of tasks and assignments. Creativity and a wide degree of latitude are to be expected. He or she will be reporting to the department head, assistant director, or a manager.

Pay range for fraud prevention supervisor will range anywhere from $25,000 to $60,000 or more per year. Obviously, the more education, experience and technological skills involved, the higher the pay scale will be. Another thing to factor is that small to mid-sized companies may have less of a budget to work with than large corporate conglomerates.

This job category is relatively new, however, and the higher pay scales usually tend to center around large metropolitan areas such as Chicago, New York, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. The necessity to relocate to a city with higher pay scales may be another aspect of the fraud prevention supervisor job description.

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