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What Are the Job Duties of a Chef?

Job Descriptions December 9, 2014

When you walk into a room and the aroma of finely cooked food assails your senses and stimulates your appetite to a fevered pitch, do you ask yourself how could these people perform such culinary magic? The room is warm and inviting, and the crew bustles around with smiles for everyone, eager to assist their customers and making their jobs seem no harder than a simple snap of the fingers. The dishes are served with such beauty and style you would swear they were fresh pictures cut from a magazine.

Chef Job Description

This is only the beginning of the details and consideration the executive chef must put into creating and performing a memorable dining experience. An executive chef must be able to remain levelheaded in any situation and make quick decisions when problems with food orders, kitchen productivity, or just general staff issues arise.

The executive chef must be able to delegate many kitchen tasks simultaneously and must be able to set an example for the entire staff. They are also in complete control of maximizing kitchen productivity, ensuring there is minimal product waste. They must make sure conditions are sanitary and meet safety codes.

The executive chef has a large range of responsibilities, the most important of which are ensuring the high quality and appearances of the dishes being served. They must be able to rectify any problems that may arise, such as shortage of product. They are in charge of inspecting and approving all dishes that are served. They must ensure the dishes are served on schedule and the appearance is palatable and with minimal difficulties.

Therefore, the person must have complete control of the kitchen staff and demand complete respect of the entire staff. The executive chef is in charge of overseeing the sous chef and chef de partie. Executive chefs must also be capable of inventorying and ordering any and all products to ensure uninterrupted food service as well as be able to report to the head of the establishment.

A Chef Job Description Is More Than Just Education

Hygiene and safety standards are extremely important, so the executive chef must be exemplary in this regard. The executive chef is the backbone of the kitchen, and it is on their shoulders if the kitchen fails or succeeds.

When the restaurant has become idle with no actively served patrons, the executive chef will be expected to change things, shake things up, and create new menus so that business thrives. They may also be asked to use this time to invent new dishes to ensure the complete interest of patrons so that they remain returning customers. In all, the executive chef is the king or queen of a well-run establishment.

Pastry chefs work with the public. A pleasant personality and a willingness to be cooperative and produce orders upon request to the specifications of customers is necessary for becoming a successful pastry chef as well as an ability to produce delicious baked goods. This is a great career for someone that loves to cook, bake, and experiment with food. Bon Appétit!

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