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Job Requirements and Description of a Book Publisher

Job Descriptions September 2, 2015

What it takes to be a Book Publisher

There are so many different careers that you can choose to pursue in the journalism, communications, and creative world. One of the most competitive and interesting is in book publishing. Here, you’ll learn about the job description that goes along with it, and what kinds of requirements you need to fulfill in order to get the position.

What does a Book Publisher Actually Do?

Anyone who works in this career will hold a lot of responsibilities. They are a big part of the selection process that takes place when writers send in their work for review; overall, they end up choosing which piece gets selected and which are not considered for publishing. Additionally, as the field spreads out and begins to modernize, individual writers are now able to self-publish. In this process, there are still publishers involved because these people are responsible for the marketing that goes on spreading the word about a book. They will play a large role throughout the lifespan of a book. In major publishing firms, they choose the books that they expect will be able to sell, and they predict the best ways to market. Meanwhile, in self-published books, they play a smaller, more personalized role, working with the author to get them where they want to go, as best as they can.

Education Requirements

As with any job, different companies will expect different certifications. Most will expect at least a bachelor’s degree, although there are others that require different, and specific certifications that can be completed at varying universities within a short period, for a lower cost than most people expect.

Take into consideration that most of the better-paying positions will expect you to have a few years of experience. This is typical of any occupation, but it can make it difficult to start out with. Having experience on your resume will certainly help give you a competitive edge, secure a higher pay rate, and prove that you have what it takes to make it in this competitive field.

Job Growth and Predictions

Obviously, one of the first questions that gets asked as we consider career opportunities is how much the job will pay and whether or not you will be able to get a job in this area. In recent studies done in major cities, results found indicated that the average salary was upwards of $62,000 annually. It should be noted that there is no projected growth in this field, although it likely will not lose any jobs over the next few years.

Similar Careers that You May be Interested In

As you start to pursue the career of a Book Publisher, you may find that certain aspects aren’t as appealing as you initially thought they would be. Things change, and people start to change their minds. There is definitely not a job out there that everyone wants. Find what works for you. But, if you decide that you don’t want to be a publisher after you’ve already gotten your education and certifications, you may start to feel trapped. Rest assured, there are other positions that ask for similar experience and education. You can still find a good job that you will actually enjoy doing for a living, rather than be stuck in a career that you hate or have to start over from the drawing board. After all, if you made it through your education without changing your mind, then you most likely enjoy this area and just don’t specifically want the book publisher job. Here are a couple of alternatives that you may find more appealing.

Art Director

This position is expected to see approximately 3% job growth and holds a lot more of the management-type responsibilities found with the publisher position, in addition to others. This position also makes over $94,000 annually, in comparison. More education will be required for this position, however, so you will need to spend a little more time preparing for this.


Authors can also expect to see further job growth, at 3% projection, and makes a little more than $68,000 every year. This is a much more creative field that expects more risk taking to be involved. It is much more competitive, and you will have a better chance of making a career off of your work if you have the right education and background to support it.

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