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Overview of Hospitality Management Job Outlook

Job Market Outlook July 12, 2014

People simply aren’t staying in one place any longer. The tourism industry, which slumped during the housing bubble crash, has returned to its feet and is steadily moving forward. More people are taking vacations; not just to domestic shores, but to overseas recreational spots as well.

In the US alone, hotels represent more than five billion feet of space, nearly five million guest rooms, and consume close to four billion dollars a year in energy use, according to the US Green Building Council.

The Energetic Tourist Industry

European travel destinations are booming, and interest has picked up in Latin American and Asian travel. Motivations for the phenomena are various. Travel expenses in Western countries are similar to the US, creating an enjoyable travel experience for those who wished to experience life on foreign shores. Expenses in some countries are lower than Western standards, allowing a longer travel experience or a more luxurious life style for less money.

Many destinations offer new experiences for adventurers in mountain climbing, fishing, scuba diving, rafting, or other recreational sports. The hospitality management job outlook couldn’t be better for those who are willing to work in foreign and domestic environments.

The International Approach

The hospitality management job outlook is best for those who take an iInternational approach. The tourism industry caters to an extremely diverse population, with cultural, ethnic, and language sensitivities. A good hospitality manager is able to communicate well across a broad base of cultural differences, present a harmonious environment for all guests, and resolve disputes tactfully so as to maintain amiable relations.

Schools that deliver classes in hospitality provide a strong academic program that includes practical experience with knowledge of iInternational opportunities. Students learn how to think strategically, collaborate, and work with a team and learn about the fundamentals of effective hospitality management. They may be encouraged to learn new models for hospitality services and to exercise their ability for innovation in designing new features to attract public interest.

The Internet and Hospitality Management

It’s possible that one of the greatest motivations for the surge of public interest in travel has been the Internet. From their home computers, the public is able to learn the characteristics of a region they wish to visit, what it offers for entertainment, sightseeing tours, and accommodations, and its most interesting natural or historical features.

The hospitality management job outlook is excellent for those with computer skills. Part of your hospitality management job may be in posting the services for your company online and improving public relations through social networking. You may also be expected to research other hospitality management services for new ideas, current trends, and good investment opportunities for your company.

The Challenges Businesses Face

Customer loyalty doesn’t come naturally with the territory. Businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of new hospitality offers and the shifts of interest with each generational change. They seek talented hospitality managers who are able to anticipate the changes is in customer expectations and who are also loyal enough to the company they serve to maintain a loyal customer base.

The tendency of hospitality- based companies is to extend their services into foreign countries. Some of the opportunities seem high risk, and they depend on the skills of hospitality management to turn their investment into a profitable venture. The hospitality manager may need to learn a new language, study new customs, and familiarize himself with iInternational policies.

In the end, the reward is a highly challenging but exciting job. Your position in tourism puts you in close contact with people from all over the world, with ages ranging from the very young to the elderly, of every type of occupation and every type of cultural influence. Their spirit of adventure may be in hang gliding off a cliff or sitting in a lawn chair on the beach. Your own life will be a daily adventure, not only in your duties as a hospitality manager but in the touring interests your environment has to offer.

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