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Four Reasons to Major in Advertising

Higher Education Articles February 14, 2015

Advertising refers to the business and art of tempting consumers to purchase a service or product. There are several reasons for an advertising major, such as the skills acquired, preparation for employment, hands on experience, and choice of concentration area.

Skills Acquired Through Advertising Programs

Those that graduate from an advertising degree program can hone various skills that can help them seek entry-level careers in many settings. In this process, they may learn to design, negotiate, persuade, solve problems, manage time, research, and evaluate.

Preparation for Employment

Armed with an advertising degree, a graduate can seek employment with numerous employers, such as educational organizations, radio, TV, non-profit organizations, private industry, and the government. They may seek various positions, including copywriting specialist, advertising manager, specialist in public relations, and account executive. They can choose to work in media sales, brand management, media relations, Internet communications, and corporate and retail advertising, among other career settings.

Individuals that wish to work and live in a large city would benefit from choosing a career in advertising as the majority of ad agencies are located in large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, among others.

Hands-on Experience

Real world experience is gained by students that major in advertising. Actual copy is written by them and advertising campaigns are developed for the Internet, in addition to more traditional media. An internship is included in most programs, wherein students can gain hands-on experience working in various settings, including that of an advertising agency.

A school may own its own professional ad agency, wherein credit is received by students for the creation of projects for real world clients. Those that graduate from the program can seek to enter the workforce immediately.

Choice of Concentration Areas

Numerous areas of concentration can be chosen by students that graduate from an advertising program, thereby allowing them to seek careers in their individual areas of interest and strengths. A specialization in copywriting or art may be chosen by students.

Students enrolled in the program produce a portfolio of their works and are also taught to work in teams. Students may also choose to focus on the account or management areas of advertising and adopt account executive or manager positions.

Some may choose to focus on research, and the curriculum may involve testing copy, analyzing data, and conducting surveys. Media relations, health communication, and fundraising are involved in the area of public relations. Graduates may seek entry-level careers with labor unions, hospitals, universities, or public relations corporations.

Individuals with a career interest in media may seek occupations in numerous areas, including advertising sales and direct marketing. They may seek positions with Internet marketers, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, or advertising agencies.

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