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Graduate Courses and Classes in Psychology

Higher Education Articles January 20, 2016

This article talks about common graduate courses and classes in psychology. Both the master’s and doctoral programs feature these courses.

Information on Graduate Courses and Classes in Psychology

Graduate psychology courses are available as part of doctoral and master’s degree programs at many schools. Admission criteria for some doctoral program may require incoming students to hold a master’s degree in psychology. Students can choose concentrations in school, clinical, abnormal, social, child, and developmental psychology, among other types while they train for research or clinical careers.

Course on Assessment and Testing of Cognitive Ability

Theories of intelligence and concepts of measurement of cognitive ability are in this class. The validity and relevance of certain testing and assessment methods, including possible bias, are discussed along with intelligence testing. Typically, students discuss other topics such as the manner and time of giving tests, and ways of scoring and interpreting results. The Stanford-Binet Development Achievement Scales and the Wechsler Intelligence Scales, commonly known as IQ or intelligence quotient tests are also likely to be topics.

Course on Clinical Interview and Assessment Skills

Program graduates who seek a career in clinical psychology could benefit from attending this required class that offers guidance via the psychological assessment process. Interviewing and listening skills are practiced by students who record client responses. They become adept at evaluating and interpreting client responses and preparing reports for client files.

The factors involved in working with special settings, such as schools, and diverse populations are also in the course. In the majority of programs, a corresponding laboratory class aimed at imparting practical experience is usually devised to complement this class.

Course on Developmental Psychopathology in Children and Young Adults

Some programs may require this class that includes the identification by students of characteristics of psychopathological conditions commonly seen among young adults and children. Core coursework is devised to impart expertise to students in evaluating, diagnosing and treating psychopathological conditions such as personality, emotional and behavioral issues in children, infants, and teens.

The curriculum may cover the discussion of topics such as gender or sexuality, anxiety, behavioral, eating, adjustment, attachment, and pervasive developmental disorders, in addition to developmental disabilities.

Course on Fundamentals of Neuropsychology

Enrollees study the physiology and anatomy of the healthy nervous system and brain in this class. Tools and techniques for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of common psychological conditions caused by physiological factors are used to build on this foundation. Learners become familiar with common pathologies, how they happen, and how they can be treated, via class work and lectures. A lab component may be in this class.

Course on Organizational Psychology and Human Behavior

This class is devised to facilitate the examination of the manner in which an organization behaves and the reasons because of that. The course also teaches the ways in which the group’s actions are influenced by members’ individual behavior. The curriculum incorporates an exploration of the relationship between the individual and the group, in addition to topic areas such as fluid versus rigid hierarchy, change within the organization, productivity, leadership, and organizational processes.

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