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Reasons Why You Should Consider Majoring in Advertising

Higher Education Articles February 14, 2015

Various skills are imparted to those that graduate from an advertising program that would prove useful in numerous career settings. To this end, students enrolled in the program learn to design, negotiate, persuade, solve problems, manage time, research, and evaluate.

What Can I Do After Earning My Advertising Degree

After they major in advertising, graduates can seek jobs with numerous employers, including educational organizations, radio, TV, non-profit organizations, private industry, and the government. They may occupy job positions such as those of copywriting specialists, advertising managers, specialists in public relations, or account executives. They may seek entry-level careers in media sales, brand management, media relations, Internet communications, and retail and corporate advertising.

Graduates that wish to work and live in a large urban center could consider pursuing a career in advertising. Large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York house most advertising agencies.

Gaining Experience

Students majoring in advertising are consequently imparted real world experience. They become adept at writing actual copy and developing advertising campaigns for traditional venues as well as the Internet. An internship is included in most programs, whereby working experience in an advertising agency or similar organization is imparted to students.

A school may have its own professional ad agency where students receive credit for creating projects for actual clients. Students are ready to start working once they graduate.

Concentration Areas

Advertising offers students several areas of concentrations, so they can fulfill their career goals in areas that interest them and make use of their strengths. Creative students may specialize in copywriting or art.

Students produce a portfolio of their works and learn to work in teams. Alternatively, one may focus on management or the account area of advertising. Students in this track learn to become account managers and executives.

Other students may want to focus on research, learning how to test copy, analyze data, and conduct surveys. The area of public relations involves fundraising, health communication, and media relations. Graduates may start careers with public relations corporations, universities, hospitals, or labor unions.

Individuals interested in the areas of media may find jobs in direct marketing and advertising sales, among other areas. Positions may be sought with advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, radio, or Internet marketers.

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