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What it takes to earn your Doctor of Education Degree

Higher Education Articles October 28, 2015

Being called a Doctor of Education sounds good, but do you really know what it takes to earn this title? If you don’t, or maybe you would even want to earn this title, learn more in this article.

Important Details about the Doctor of Education Degree

A Doctor of Education (Ed.D) is a title given to people who have what it takes to lead a school, college, a government organization or a school district.

Job Titles Superintendent Director of Student Services University Professor
Duties Leads school districts Postsecondary administrator Teacher in academics
Job growth six percent fifteen percent nineteen percent
Average salary approximately $110,000 $101,000 on average $74,000

Varied Career options

There are several career options for someone who has graduated with a degree in Education Doctorate. The education program takes anywhere between 2 and 5 years, with classes focusing on education research, reviewing current educational policies, learning about the lives of different genders in school, economic details of running schools and so on.

Once you acquire a bachelor’s degree in this field, you can look for employment to be a School superintendent, Director of student affairs or a University professor.

School Superintendent

Job Details

A Superintendent works for schools that are regionally managed and his or her main duties include overseeing that the region’s education goals, policies and regulations are achieved. The duties can however be more, as they may include working on schools committee relations, budgeting, leadership in the education sector and general management duties. Finally, a superintendent may be tasked with the responsibility of creating curricular for each grade and creating general academic goals for the school.

Salary details estimate that an average superintendent earns between $66,000 and $175,000 depending on their work experience and their levels of education. Due to the high competition levels in this field, jobs for executive superintendents are likely to remain low with an estimated job growth rate of less than 10%.

Director of student services

Job Details

A Director of student services is found in colleges or Universities. His or her work involves overseeing smooth admission of new students, giving counseling services to the students or staff, doing career education or being involved when financial aid is being awarded to needy students. Some schools have only one Director to take care of all of these services while larger colleges and Universities may have two or more directors.

Salary Details

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that an average Director of services earns $101,910, although the figure may be more or less depending on their level of education and experience. Some of the directors earn more than $174,000 as the BLS suggest. Jobs in this career are also easy to find.

University Professor

Job Details

A University professor teaches in colleges and Universities. They teach both undergraduates and graduates in varying education disciplines during their 2 or 4 years stay in the learning institution.

Salary Details

Earnings in this career vary widely from one education discipline to another. What remains consistent is that applicants with a Doctorate degree or higher have better chances of getting employed and earning bigger sums of money.

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