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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree Program Overview

Majors Overview February 15, 2015

Bachelor’s degree programs in information technology can help those interested in security administration, database maintenance, or help desk support careers. Upon completion of the program, students can look forward to successful information technology careers. Bachelor’s degree programs in information technology do not need prior coursework.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in Information Technology

Information technology (IT) professionals utilize computer-based software and solutions to aid businesses in achieving their goals. Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in IT are taught about ways of creating, maintaining, and updating the systems, databases, and software used by companies.

There are no educational prerequisites to be met by incoming students to an information technology bachelor’s degree program. They can seek enrollment to the program without having to pass any test or take any class.


Coursework covers a broad range of subjects pertinent to computer information, whereby students are helped to identify niches of their proficiency, in addition to being educated about the depth of knowledge they would require in order to assume the role of an IT professional. Coursework may include subject area such as:

•Computer security
•Computer networking
•Database management
•Computer programming
•Digital media
•Business statistics

Career Choices

Graduates from a bachelor’s degree program in information technology may seek entry-level jobs in many areas. Most IT career options would require these professionals to work with individuals without skills related to computers and to provide assistance in an easy-to-understand manner. Such job positions may include:

•Information security officer
•Internet support specialist
•Database administrator
•Help desk technician
•Computer program designer

Job and Wage Outlook

An average job growth rate of 17% has been predicted for computer support specialist jobs over the 2012 – 2022 decade. During the same period, network and computer systems administrators were expected to enjoy a growth rate of 12% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). In May 2012, computer user support specialists took home an average annual wage of $48,900, while network and computer systems administrators banked $72,560 (BLS).

Continuing Education Choices

Graduates from the bachelor’s degree program may seek continuing education by earning master’s degrees or doctoral degrees in information technology, but not many schools offer these programs, and most employers for IT jobs don’t insist on these qualifications.

CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft offer industry standard certifications that can benefit information technology professionals by boosting their career decisions. Every IT professional has to stay abreast of emerging business trends, strategies, and computer programs to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

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