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Degree Overview: Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree in Energy Healing

Majors Overview January 21, 2014

In order for the body’s natural energy to reduce stress and relieve pain, energy healing is necessary. Students wanting to learn more about energy healing can pursue this training by earning an associate’s degree in healing and integrative health.

A.A. Programs in Energy Healing

The natural energy flows of the human body are used by energy healers in reducing stress, relieving pain and other ailments and in helping clients to experience a more balanced feeling. There are various methods of practice in energy healing that are also referred to as Reiki or therapeutic touch. Practitioners are expected to savor working with people and must be open minded and positive in their outlook. Students are given a comprehensive foundation in the many modes of energy healing.

Coursework in an associate’s degree in integrated health and healing often comprises of classes in energy healing. Those who successfully complete this program may seek entry-level jobs in clinical settings or private practice. The body’s natural flows are used by energy healers in relieving pains and aches, reducing stress and treating illnesses. They identify and redirect the energy flows in a patient’s body and this helps in promoting healing and improving the quality of life. Admission criteria in associate’s degree programs, in integrated health and healing, require applicants to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma.


Coursework in an integrated health and healing program comprises of many courses on energy healing. Coursework may include topic areas such as:

•Holistic Healing
•Human body
•Energy healing
•Health and wellness coaching
•Therapeutic Touch
•Mind and body integration
•Business ethics for holistic healers
•Introduction of Qi gong
•Movement therapies

Career Choices

Graduates of Energy Healing Associate Degree Programs can seek entry-level occupation in health-related careers including positions such as:

•Holistic therapist
•Massage therapist
•Energy healer

Licensing and Continuing Education Choices

While licensure is not mandatory for those aiming to become energy healers, massage therapists would need state licensure before being allowed to practice their profession. Graduates of an associate’s degree in integrated health and healing are allowed, by some schools, to transfer credits earned into a bachelor’s degree program. Energy healing training varies by modality and practitioners can seek continued education and additional training by joining professional organizations that provide these. Growing mainstream recognition for this field is also lobbied for by these groups.

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