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Degree Overview: Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Majors Overview December 24, 2013

Receive information about an Associate of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies and its education requirements, coursework, career choices, and continuing education choices.

A.S. Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students enrolled in A.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies degree programs are given the flexibility they need in their coursework by allowing them to take courses from some different departments. Students can thus become proficient in fields whose contexts overlap. Essentially, this means that students are allowed to tailor their coursework by creating a major that is best suited to their career goals. This degree program is offered by several colleges, universities and community colleges that allow enrolled students to conduct research in the departments within the institution to satisfy themselves that the school offers their desired field of study.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria related to an associate degree program typically require candidates to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma. Some colleges may require applicants who lack these qualifications to satisfy other admissions guidelines.


All inter-disciplinary students are expected to complete Core liberal arts coursework along with various additional courses specific to each Core student that he or she can choose with the assistance of a student adviser. Core coursework may include subject areas such as:

•Computer literacy
•Oral communication
•Business foundations
•Critical thinking
•U.S. history
•Human development
•English composition

Career Choices

The coursework chosen by a graduate of an interdisciplinary studies associate program would determine his or her potential career path. With the majority of core coursework characterized by a liberal arts foundation, graduates can choose from various career choices. Recruiters prefer candidates with strong problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills that are typically honed in a liberal arts course. Graduates can choose from various job positions such as:

•Teaching assistant
•Management trainee
•Sales associate

Continuing Education Choices

Schools may allow students of an Associate of Science degree program to transfer some or all credits earned toward enrollment into a 4-year institution. Students can choose from bachelor’s programs in interdisciplinary studies and the school may require students to submit a plan for their proposal of continued education. Schools also offer master and doctoral degrees in interdisciplinary studies.

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