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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Business Technology Management

Majors Overview March 18, 2014

Most companies rely on management and technology heavily. Management usually requires expert knowledge of technologies to manage data and people efficiently. Bachelor’s degree programs that are related to Business Technology are available in Business Technology Administration or Business Technology Management.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Programs in Business Technology Management

Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in Business Technology Management are taught to raise both revenue and human capital, which are requirements of business management. Both of those functions involve analysis of data and performance of work with a variety of technologies. Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in Business Technology Management become adept at utilizing technical applications and tools aimed at the effective operation of a business. Students can expect to become adept in various competency areas such as budgeting, information technology management, project management, and cross-department analysis.

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or high school diploma.


Coursework is designed to include courses from various disciplines, such as business, computer science, economics, and management. Students enrolled in the program are taught systems design, business strategies, computer operating systems, organizational behavior, and strategic management. Before the program culminates, schools may require students to participate in a capstone project. Core courses may commonly include:

•Systems analysis
•Networking technologies
•Structured design
•Management principles
•Information ethics

Career Choices

Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in Business Technology Management are helped to hone their skills and knowledge in handling projects, obtaining contracts and analyzing information in many industries. They can seek entry-level occupations in government offices, computer systems design companies and consulting firms, among others. They may choose from various possible job titles such as:

•Telecommunications programmer
•Information technology manager
•Business analyst
•Applications programmer

Continuing Education Choices

Graduates of bachelor’s degree programs in Business Technology Management may seek advanced employment opportunities by earning a master’s degree in Business from among other related fields. Master’s degree in Business Administration or Information Technology programs are offered by many schools. Coursework in master’s degree programs involves concepts in supply chain management, enterprise project systems, e-commerce, technology management, and business process engineering. Coursework apart, graduates can complete a thesis project by using advanced research skills.

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