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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Music Production

Majors Overview February 9, 2015

Music production is the process of augmenting and recording audio produced by singers and musicians. Various subjects will be covered in bachelor’s degree programs in music production, such as music history, music theory, and recording technology. A limited amount of universities and colleges that have extensive music departments offer undergraduate music production degrees.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree Programs in Music Production

Students enrolled in a music production bachelor’s degree are involved in the study of music software design, audio recording, and production techniques. A portfolio of original works has to be submitted by students before they can graduate from the program.

A range of music recording skills is developed by students; these include recording methods, music arrangement, studio construction concepts, and sound manipulation techniques. Courses in small business accounting, marketing, and music business are also incorporated in some programs.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria within some prestigious music production programs typically require the submission of a portfolio by incoming students, wherein their musical production work is showcased. While standardized testing is not usually expected to be completed by students seeking admission to bachelor’s degree programs in music production, such testing may be required at some schools before students are admitted.


Coursework within a music production bachelor’s degree program includes audio design, entertainment management, and music publishing. Additionally, completion of general education courses is required in humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences. Coursework in a traditional bachelor’s degree in music production may include the following subject areas:

•Music performance technique
•Music production
•Applied music technology
•Ensemble performance

Career Choices

Those that successfully complete bachelor’s degree programs in music production may seek entry-level careers as audio technicians, composers, or performers. Graduates from the undergraduate degree program in music production may choose from job options such as the following:

•Artist representative
•Media distributor

Continuing Education Choices

Graduates from a bachelor’s degree program in music production may seek continuing education by earning a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree, whereby they may avail managerial and executive positions with studios, distributors, and record labels. Individuals with education in music production and law may seek occupations in the larger recording industries as representatives of recording studios, producers, or artists.

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