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Degree Overview: Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Majors Overview August 16, 2014

A variety of career opportunities are available for interdisciplinary studies program graduates. Some students enroll in undergraduate interdisciplinary programs to change or advance their careers; others use the program for educational purposes. Schools may offer interdisciplinary studies programs by themselves or combined with specific degree programs.

Job Opportunities for Bachelor’s Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies Graduates

Many academic areas are covered via interdisciplinary degree programs, by definition. Students enrolled in these programs are provided solid educational foundations to enable them to pursue numerous career options and graduate programs. Graduates who complete these programs, which combine fields of study, can choose from various teaching and business careers.

For instance, those seeking careers in business may benefit from completing studies in management, psychology and international finance. Through the study of business from various academic angles, students are offered more profound insight into areas such as consumer trending, employee relations, and company growth management. Their studies can be used to advance working students’ careers, who may also wish to become business owners in their own right.

The program could also benefit teachers of secondary and elementary schools who only need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the job. They can teach multiple subjects, using the interdisciplinary knowledge gained from the program, and prove to be valuable assets to the school that employs them, with their ability to teach several subjects, which could also result in higher tenure or salary.

An Overview of Undergraduate Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies

We can take the phrase ‘interdisciplinary studies’ as implying several subjects incorporated in a single program. Many universities and colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in interdisciplinary studies, whereby students are allowed to tailor coursework according to their interests. Other schools formulate a varied curriculum, which offers a specific degree program to suit particular career goals.

Adult learners usually attend interdisciplinary study programs. Many schools offer distance learning options, flexible scheduling and part-time attendance.

Study Areas

Schools offer numerous academic combinations within interdisciplinary programs, including:

•History, sociology and psychology
•Biomedical engineering, chemistry and technology
•Physical science and Anthropology
•Religious studies, technology and science
•Performance art, art theory and graphic design
•Communications, film and media
•Information technology, business and networking
•Social sciences, human services and developmental behavior
•Cultural studies, political science and economics
•Business, international studies and finance


While allowing students to tailor coursework, schools have to ensure that the curriculum includes a sufficient number of credit hours in general education. While prearranged course offerings dominate many programs, students are usually allowed to choose from an array of courses in technology, sciences, arts, and humanities. Many schools seek to restrict the number of courses students may choose within an academic area, in order to ensure that adequate exposure is received by the students in two or more fields of study.

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