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Information on Master’s Degree Programs in Digital Photography

Majors Overview February 28, 2016

This article talks about master’s degree programs in digital photography and their education requirements, coursework, and career choices.

Master’s Programs in Digital Photography

Both professional photographers and aspiring photographers seeking an advanced grasp of digital image capturing technology would benefit from enrolling in graduate degree programs in digital photography. Arts colleges, professional schools, and 4-year universities are among the schools that typically offer master’s degree programs in digital photography. Students may complete the programs in 1-2 years. Studio work and classroom lectures are both in the program coursework.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a baccalaureate degree in fine arts or photography. Applicants to some schools may also be required to have prior professional experience in the field. A portfolio of previous work is also a requirement at most schools.


The focus of program coursework is typically on advanced technical subjects in the field and is available through a combination of studio work and classroom lectures. Students learn about color management applications, the latest digital imaging tools, workflow strategies, digital processing terms and techniques, and professional business practices. They can often avail the use of cutting-edge labs and studios may have to create a new professional portfolio of digital images before they obtain the degree. Core coursework may cover topic areas such as:

•Images and inspiration
•Digital processing
•Digital materials
•Editorial photography
•Image processing – advanced
•Color management
•Printing in large format
•Thesis development
•Photo illustration
•Studio management

Career Options

Graduates may seek careers in a digital photographic studio or lab, or choose to be self-employed. Those who choose to start their own business may run their studios or enter into contracts with advertising agencies and publishers. Program graduates may choose from possible career options such as:

•Fine arts photographer
•News photographer
•Editorial photographer
•Industrial photographer
•Fashion photographer
•Commercial photographer
•Scientific photographer
•Sports photographer

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