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5 Nursing Jobs in Sports Medicine

Career News October 25, 2013

Although nurses have played a role within sports medicine in the past, these days they are playing a much bigger role. Fitness nursing jobs are opening up in many facilities and venues, including professional sports centers, universities, clubs, national/international sporting competitions, etc. Nurses, simply put, have the background that makes them perfect for the sports medicine industry.

Does that mean that all nurses are ready right now for fitness nursing jobs? Of course not! It is preferable if a nurse is in good physical shape, has participated in sporting events, in the past, or, at the very least, is familiar with sports in general. Patients are more likely to follow the advice of people that have some knowledge of what they do for a living or for fun.

As a general rule, therefore, some nurses may need to take additional courses or get additional certifications if they wish to vie for fitness nursing jobs. It does not hurt anyone’s career to get more education, or training, at any rate. Having training in the life sciences, however, puts nurses ahead of other people who may want to enter the sports medicine industry.

For those nurses who have made up their minds that fitness nursing jobs are something they wish to consider, the following five jobs within sports medicine are practical, promising and, in most cases, well-paid opportunities:

Radiology Nursing

Radiology is exploding as a career opportunity. Not only is technology getting better, but more sophisticated. Radiology used to revolve around X-rays, but it can now include many other avenues: CT scans, MRIs, ultrasonography, PET scans, CT/PET scans, etc. Whereas patients needed to be exposed to radiation, MRIs and ultrasonography has broken that chain. In other words, radiology offers many more safe options within sports medicine.

Nurses that get training in radiology can help deal with all the injuries that occur within sports and to fitness enthusiasts. Bone injuries are common problems, but so are breathing injuries (especially for those who train at or climb high altitude locations). Medical imaging is invaluable to diagnosing and treating those types of sports medicine injuries.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Nurses will be able to vie for fitness nursing jobs at rehabilitation facilities. These places cater to injuries sustained at other than sporting/exercise events and sites, but, if truth be told, athletes and fitness enthusiasts often have to undergo rehabilitation after injuries. This is especially true for professional athletes who often have to get back to work as soon as possible.

Clinical Coordinators

Although these jobs are reserved for nurses with upper training or degrees (such as supervisory or practical nurse certification/education), this is a very important job within sport medicine to vie for. Nurses that go for these types of fitness nursing jobs are sure to be given sophisticated responsibilities, sometimes being in charge of athletic programs and sporting competitions and events. Clinical coordinators can work for private companies, for clinics, hospitals, as well as for universities with big athletic programs and a large healthcare/safety staff.

Pediatric Sports Medicine

People forget that many of the country’s most promising future athletes and fitness enthusiasts also get hurt while they are young. Pediatric clinics, therefore, often have to deal with all those injuries that happen to these young people.

Fitness nursing jobs are, therefore, often created; herein, nurses become part of a comprehensive sports medicine team that caters to the very special injuries and diseases of these special athletes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Nursing

Yet another area that can provide fitness nursing jobs is hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities. These places provide special services, which are sometimes used by professional athletes, especially to older, retired athletes. These people may have been very active athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

Now, perhaps still active, they may sustain injuries that may be more difficult to heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one avenue available to these types of patients. Nurses with training in this area of medicine can help play an important sports medicine role.

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