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5 of the Best Nursing Forums for Registered Nurses

Career News April 30, 2013

A nurse’s job is to look after the health of his or her patients. Looking after a patient’s well-being also means you look after them not only physically, but mentally. People are often at their lowest ebb in life when they need the care of a nurse; they may be elderly or going through surgeries or other medical issues. Their mental states are often fragile, and a nurse can truly make all the difference in how they feel, even making an impact in their recovery time. This is why having a high moral and ethical code is so vital in this profession.

However, we are all human beings. Sometimes we, even as expert nurses, can become frustrated. When this happens, we can rely on one another, our fellow nurses. You may find some solace in confiding with your coworkers. However, even if you do not build a large circle of friends in person, there are nurse forums online that can provide you a similar dynamic. You can ask questions, relate experiences and share stories about the profession you love. Here are five forums that may provide you exactly what you need at this stage in your training. is a community that discusses crucial topics like continuing education, student nursing tips, critical care nursing, emergency room help and oncology, among many other specialties. It is necessary to maintain a professional demeanor when providing nursing care, but this must be balanced with a true dose of human compassion. As the forum explains, listening to a patient’s worries, putting yourself in their shoes, and showing kindness and patience will help tremendously.

Monster’s connection to the nursing world provides career information as well as a school finder, a job listing site, and a forum where nursing politics, nurse humor and even a “venting zone” are discussed. As the forum discusses, the calm presence and compassionate spirit of a nurse can help ease a patient’s tensions, calm their fears and make things run smoother for all involved. There is truly a nursing lifestyle to learn. is a forum dedicated to traveling issues, as well as topics of the day and personal experiences. There are helpful articles listed as well as CNA information, NCLEX study help and Union Talk. There are also issues of legality that is discussed here, including confidentiality terms, HIPAA laws, and words from recruiters.

This is a nursing community that also helps connect workers with clients, clinics, hospitals, and so on. There are review features, features that let you find friends, and a forum where nursing responsibilities are discussed. If for some reason a nurse feels he or she is unable to handle a specific task, it is up to that nurse to seek out assistance, often by furthering education or gain more hands-on experience. However, forums like this (sponsored by AMN Healthcare, which has been helping out for over 25 years) are truly a fantastic convenience. has a blog, a series of helpful articles, and a forum to peruse. This community has close to a million members as well as many personal accounts. Stories include training as army nurses, working with patient relatives, and even current events related to disasters. Remember, as a nurse you will not only be working closely with patients, but also other nurses and hospital staff.

Seeking out other nurses, not only for friendship, but for learning, experience and support, is an excellent way to grow rapidly in your training.

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