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5 Reasons to Consider Purchasing NSO Insurance

Career News July 19, 2013

Each year there are lawsuits filed against people who provide services to the public. Some professions that are at risk include nurses, doctors, non-profit leaders, financial professionals, and consultants. Every business professional has the responsibility to protect themselves from any kind of lawsuit that could be filed against them. Insurance policies are designed to protect people from financial ruin. Nurses are in a position where they can be sued for just about anything. In order to protect themselves they should purchase a NSO policy.

Five Great Reasons Why Nurses Should Have a NSO Policy

•The first reason nurses should have an NSO policy is to protect themselves from financial ruin. Nurses take care of a lot of people. They administer medicine; take care of people by assisting them in basic duties, fill out paperwork and many other things. All it would take is for one person to think they are being mistreated, and the nurse gets sued. Most lawsuits rarely settle for a few dollars. A NSO policy will cover the settlement of the lawsuit.

•If there is ever a reason to change jobs, the personal NSO policy will follow over to the next position. This will guarantee that if a claim is ever filed at the new job before any of their policies will cover the issue, then there is protection from financial ruin.

•A NSO policy will provide protection where an employer’s liability policy will not cover. Most employer policies will protect against things like malpractices and claims made by some people. However, the policy may not provide protection in every single case. In order for a nurse to protect themselves, they will need to have a NSO policy that is tailored to their specific needs.

•One reason why some do not buy a NSO policy is that they think they will never be sued. It only takes one person to file a suit, and a nurse can be sued. A NSO insurance policy will keep each person covered who is on the policy.

•NSO offers people the chance to protect themselves from being involved in a law suit. This policy can be made to fit the needs of each nurse that owns the policy. The fifth great reason to own this policy is that it can be changed without much effort. If a situation changes in the policy owner’s profession the NSO policy can be made to fit the situation.

Nobody ever wants to be involved in a lawsuit. In the event that the lawsuit is lost, the NSO policy will provide the coverage needed to keep the nurse from financial ruin. It protects the integrity of the person while at the same time keeping the stress off the policy owner.

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