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5 Reasons Why Holistic Nursing is Important

Career News May 4, 2013

Traditional nursing is an important job; however, holistic nursing is currently on the rise. Holistic nursing is necessary, as it not only looks for symptoms and a diagnosis, but looks at the whole person and all the ways their well-being can be improved. This means it focuses not only on the physical ailments, but also on mental, emotional, social and often spiritual issues. Here are five reasons holistic nursing is necessary.

More Options

A good example of the differences between regular and holistic nursing comes with the average stomach upset. The average nurse will give a patient any medications prescribed by the doctor, and that is typically where treatments end. A holistic nurse can offer that option, but also try other approaches. A holistic nurse may offer herbal supplements or teas; they may look into the patient’s diet for issue, or if stress is the cause they may try relaxing massage or acupuncture to deal with the problem. One of the main reasons why holistic nursing is essential, it allows patient more options so they can find a treatment that is suitable for them.

Nutrition, History and Underlying Causes

Many of today’s ailments come from poor diet, high stress and poor relationships. The average nurse is often only able to deal with the affects of these things, not to source. A holistic nurse often gets to the root of the problem by addressing a patients diet habits, stress levels, family and romantic relationships and lots of other aspects of a person’s life. These are the exact details that often lead up to illness, and with a holistic nurse at their side, are often investigated, issues solved, recommendations made. This will not only help with immediate symptoms such as headaches, back and body aches, pains and other issues, but helps in the long term.

Real Relationships

Most holistic nurses develop a real healthcare relationship with patients. This is often due to the abundant amount of communication that is shared to get at the root of issues. Clients are typically advised to come into a good relationship with themselves, including doing good for their mind and body. Many do find this a much more effective “healing” process compared to what they typically receive at other health care facilities.

Many Therapies

Patients will typically have full access to traditional medicine therapies with a holistic nurse, but they will also be opened to a world of other therapies as well. A few of these options include reflexology, homeopathy, yoga, hypnotherapy, Reiki, nutritional supplement therapy, as well as things such as meditation, music and dance therapies.

All Ages are Treated

Many nursing professions tend to focus on a single age group or type of illness. Holistic nurses typically treat people of all walks of life. From a newborn child to an elderly patient. All types of people with different concerns can be helped through numerous therapies and options. This is important, as well-rounded views are often the best when it comes to nursing.

Holistic nursing is essential for the reasons mentioned above and many more. This is a fantastic career path to consider since there are plenty of opportunities for employment, and it is a fulfilling job in its sheer nature. The holistic approach is also one of the best choices for patients looking at all their options for treatments.

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