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5 Steps That Need to Be Taken to Become a Charge Nurse

Career News July 14, 2013

Every person has the duty to perform their best in any job that they have. So it can be challenging to get noticed by a boss in order to move to the top of the corporate ladder. Nurses have the hard task of taking care of people when they need it. In order to become a head nurse they must stand out from the rest. There are five steps that any nurse can do in order to become the head nurse.

5 Easy Steps to Become the Head Nurse

•Keep in mind that it can take some time to reach the position of head nurse. In order to become a head nurse, a person must have the right mix of learned skills, and they must have put in enough time as a nurse to qualify for such a person. A nurse must stay focused on what they want to accomplish in life in order to move to the top position.

•There is also a need to earn the respect of other nurses. There is not one person that will work for someone they do not trust. The idea is to keep a level of professionalism that concentrates on building solid relationships with other nurses and doctors.

•Make it a point to be trained by the head nurse. Take a day and follow the head nurse around to learn what duties they perform. Some of the head duties include record keeping, supply ordering, schedule creation, and many other important duties.

•Be sure to take on extra duties the moment they become available. Watch the schedule and take on an extra work load. If there is a person who needs help with their duties, take a moment and help them out. Any person taking on extra responsibilities will gain a wide knowledge of how the operation is run. A head nurse must know every detail of each nursing department. Be sure to apply for any positions that come available in order to gain the right experience.

•The exact first thing that people look for in a charge nurse is if they have an advanced degree. A head nurse needs a person who is a registered nurse. Administrators will also look for a person with master’s degree in some nurse related field of study or even a degree in administration. If a nurse has an advanced degree, they will stand a better chance of getting to the head nurse position.

In order to make it to the top as a head nurse, there has to be a persistent effort in the long march to the top. Always take the time to plan the road that needs to be taken in order to reach the desired goal. A head nurse is a person that genuinely cares for people while taking care of themselves.

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