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How to Become a Bond Sales Officer

Career News January 1, 2014

Bond sales officer works under the direction of a sales manager, to communicate with potential customers and current customers about the sale of corporate and government bonds, depending on the organization. Gaining the education and experience that allows you to have the knowledge of bonds, their terms, and terminology is very important, because these skills are vital to being an effective salesman. Employers will look for a bachelor’s degree and at least some experience with sales and financial offices.

Relevant bachelor’s degrees may include business, accounting, or finance. Along with the basics of these studies, making sure that the specifics of bonds are included is central. As bond sales officers will have to be able to answer customer questions, a deep and enduring knowledge of what bonds are, how they benefit the investor, and how different types and durations of bonds affect the customer should be learned in the bachelor’s or accreditation program the applicant undergoes.

Many universities have a special internship program that funnels their students into bond sales officer positions. During this internship, the student learns about the company, about the policies, and how to become an effective officer. At the end of the internship and after the graduation of the student, the individual is usually offered a position. This provides the applicant with significant on-the-job training and the organization with the assurance that the applicant understands not only the specifics of bond sales, but also the structure of the system.

Some organizations may require their applicants to have a Chartered Financial Analyst certification, which can be obtained through the CFA Institute. The requirements for this certification are not unlike the requirements for the bond sale officer position. It requires a relevant degree and at least some experience in the financial field, along with three certification tests. This certification shows employers that the applicant has an understanding of all aspects of the financial world.

Specific requirements will vary from employer to employer, but to become a bond sales officer, a bachelor’s degree is generally requisite, as is at least some sales and office experience. Gaining these degrees and experience will assure that you are qualified for the duties of a sales officer.

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