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How to Become a Bookkeeping Manager

Career News January 1, 2014

Bookkeeping managers are an essential part of any financial institution. As banks, lending institutions, and brokerage organization do their work with customer money, it is important to ensure that all accounts are being ethically handled. Bookkeeping managers lead a team of bookkeepers in this task. This is a demanding position that requires the manager to spend a great deal of time mitigating interpersonal disputes, checking the work of bookkeepers, and communicating with other departments and customers about issues.

The first step towards becoming a bookkeeping manager begins with university. The vast majority of organizations require their managers to have advanced degrees. Start with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in accounting or bookkeeping if your university has it. An internship in a bookkeeping area will be an additional asset to your application. If your program offers an accounting or bookkeeping-related computer class, take this as well. This will be enough education to become a bookkeeper. If you continue on to obtain a Master’s of Business Administration, this will set you apart from other applicants, who may only have a bachelor’s in related financial fields.

Whatever field you ultimately choose to study, ensure that you learn both the specifics of bookkeeping and bookkeeping computer programs, along with the policies, laws, and ethical issues that go along with bookkeeping. When you are gaining experience as a bookkeeper, continue to seek out and implement this knowledge. Most institutions prefer for their bookkeeping managers to have experience working as a bookkeeper. The most efficient way to do this is to take an entry-level position. This position itself, if you are proactive and willing to learn, may itself morph into a managerial position. Whether it does or does not, it is an excellent springboard for becoming a manager.

If possible, gain the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers’ certification. There are preparation classes for this certification which are not required. Two years of experience and a thorough knowledge of bookkeeping and its ethical issue are required, however. This certification, along with your degrees and your experience will assure employers that you have what it takes to make an effective manager and an honest bookkeeper.

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