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Boost Your Career Prospects with Free Online QuickBooks Classes

Career News December 13, 2012

You can open the door to a new career option by joining a Free Online Quickbooks Course. In this article, we will look at various free online training programs available to help you choose the program that is appropriate.

Here are ways on how you should proceed, if you wish to avail yourself of these free courses:

  • Learn from free online video lessons.
  • Earn real college credit by passing an examination.

Here is a list of free online QuickBooks courses ran by Intuit Academy that are based on the latest QuickBooks edition; you can opt for courses based on archived versions:

The “Choosing the Right QuickBooks for my Client” Course

These courses are webinars, or in PDF format, help students understand the different features of every product and decide which one will be most appropriate for their clients. Continuing professional education credits (CPE) are an incentive for students to take some of these courses.

The “How to Setup QuickBooks Online” Course

Students learn to distinguish between the desktop version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online (QBO); they are able to determine whether QBO will be the appropriate option and the subscription level that will be ideal for them. They will learn to set up QBO and add more services.

The “Internal Controls for Small Businesses to Reduce the Risk of Fraud” Course

This course will teach students to set up QuickBooks internal controls to facilitate the fraud prevention. Coursework includes back up procedures, credit cards protection and budgetary controls.

The Intuit Payment Solutions Course

Students learn payment options they can use with QuickBooks, these include Intuit Payment Network and Check Solution, and Merchant Service for QuickBooks.

The Most Common QuickBooks Mistakes and How to Fix Them Course

This course teaches understanding of data file types, reduction of the possibility of mistakes in the future, choosing the best fix, and identification of the cause of a mistake. Coursework, taken from QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2011, includes inventory, payroll, sales taxes, credit card accounts, and accounts payable. Students have the incentive of earning two CPE credits.

Payroll for Today’s Accountant: Intuit’s Payroll Service Lineup 2011 Course

Students can learn about which of the firm’s payroll services can be employed with QuickBooks. They are taught about the advantages that accrue from the use of Intuit’s payroll options and modes of interaction of the payroll features with QuickBooks software.

The QuickBooks at Year-End 2012 Course

Business owners who use QuickBooks Accountant 2012 will benefit from this course. They are taught about compiling files of clients in the best possible way, so they can generate annual results correctly. Coursework includes use of Quickbooks File Manager, import of data files, data back up, and setting of preferences of clients. Students have the incentive of earning one CPE credit.

Intuit’s QuickBooks for Mac: Overview for Accounting Professionals Course

This course will benefit people who have Mac computers and who wish to employ QuickBooks as their chosen software for their accounting needs. Apart from learning the features of the software, students will learn when QuickBooks for Mac should be recommended. Coursework includes payrolls, back accounts, and business files, apart from specific preferences.

The QuickBooks Online Accountant: How to Support your QuickBooks Online Clients Course

Participants are taught on how to reverse bank reconciliations, track and adjust journal entries and re-classify erroneous transactions. Students have the incentive of earning one in a half CPE credits.

The QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010: New Features and Functionality Course

Students learn about innovative features introduced by QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010, including the customizing of reports according to customers’ requirements. Coursework can vary in accordance with changes made to the program.

The QuickBooks Statement Writer 2012: Your Financial Statement Solution Online Training Course

Students learn how to create the most commonly used financial statements used in businesses. They are taught to create, customize and save year-end statements, graphs, charts, and reports. They will learn how to create templates and customize statements according to customers’ specific requirements.

The Top Ten QuickBooks Tips, Tricks and Techniques Course

This is based on QuickBooks Premier: Accountant Edition 2011. Students will learn to implement power tips and tricks to maximize their use of the software. The course has a specific focus on data mining and reporting techniques.

Apart from the above, there are some Quickbooks hour-long webinar and video tutorials on Youtube:

The QuickBooks 2012 Course

People who have never used QuickBooks before will benefit from watching this video. A walk-through of a retail store is used to teach students what transactions are common to a small firm. Students will learn how to set up payroll accounts.

The QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits & Libraries Course

Non-profits and libraries can benefit from this webinar that is devised to help them in managing organizational accounting systems. Students will learn ways of streamlining daily operations to maximize efficiency, apart from becoming abreast of the latest QuickBooks software updates.

Though you do not get awarded credits directly by these courses, it is possible to earn credits by taking an exam; you can transfer the credits to your school. To avail credits, you can opt for one of two affordable choices of exams that have national recognition.

CLEP Examinations – The thirty-three CLEP examinations conducted by the College Board permit a candidate to test out of their general education needs. Two out of three universities and colleges in the United States accept the credits.

Credit-by-Examination conducted by Excelsior College – There are over forty examinations offered by Excelsior College offers that leads to transferable credits. Three full degrees can be earned by students, if they wish to take free online courses and receive their credits via examination.

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