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Career Opportunities with a Psychology Degree

Career News July 10, 2013

Having a psychology degree can be extremely interesting as you learn to understand people around you and therefore, you are better able to communicate with them. However, the road is not always set for you to get into counseling or continue into becoming a psychiatrist and you may be wondering what you could do with a psychology degree. The good news is that a psychology degree is rather flexible and can be adapted to other fields.

An undergraduate in psychology allows you to excel in a range of seemingly unrelated fields because most of the skills gained during studies would be useful in other careers. Those skills include but are not limited to critical and creative thinking, research and analysis, verbal and written communication skills, individual interaction with people, proper understanding of human behaviors and personality types, proper understanding of groups and societal behaviors.

There are a few options out there for those with a psychology degree, whether you want to continue into higher studies or not. Here are some of them.

Social work: this is a common area where psychology majors go, especially since it includes working with people with high stressors and problems and it would be easier for someone who has the knowledge gained in a psychology major to interact with them and understand their situations.

Researchers: especially in the health and social fields because someone with a psychology major will have the research skills and knowledge of societal and human behavior that is needed to properly collect and interpret the data.

Management and business: this is an area where psychology majors can work because it includes regular interactions with people from different walks of life and interests and the skills gained from these studies helps you with that.

Conflict mediation: the knowledge of human behavior helps in this field. It is similar to counseling where the mediator’s job is to give each side the space to address their issues and concerns in the hopes of reaching a solution that meets both sides’ needs somewhere in the middle.

In many cases, this could be your requirement for a graduate degree. Many students use psychology as a basis before applying to medical school, law school or for an education degree to become teachers. In any case, your degree gives you the prerequisites to better understand and deal with people surrounding you and therefore excel at another field.

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