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Career Outlook for Individuals with a Degree in Logistics or Distribution

Career News February 18, 2016

If you have an interest in learning how to manage distribution of goods either locally or internationally, read the article below to find out if a degree program in Logistics or distribution is what you want to pursue.

Logistics or Distribution Degree Program Overview

A degree program in logistics and distribution is best suited for people who are good in managing time and paying attention to detail. The degree program helps you acquire great managerial skills that could land you a job as a transportation manager, logistician or storage and distribution manager. These managerial skills range from managing distribution and supply chains to managing general operations.

Career Transportation Manager Storage Distribution Manager Logistician
Education details High school diploma High school diploma Bachelor’s degree
Estimated job growth rate (2012) 5% 5% 22%
Average salary in 2014 $93,180 $93,180 $76,830

Career Options for those with a Logistics or Distribution Degree

Usually, you don’t need to have a Bachelor’s degree to get a job related to logistics or distribution. However, people with a Bachelor’s degree or higher get higher paying jobs than those without. Below are three possible career paths to pursue in life after graduating with a degree program in logistics and distribution.

Transportation manager

They utilize their skills in business and logistics to oversee the contracting of distribution vehicles, loading of raw materials, shipping charges and repairing of equipment and other purchases. Experience is what matters most when looking for a job in this sector. This is because transportation managers are also required to review company budgets, manage contracts and approve or disapprove expenditure, all of which require experience in a relevant field.

They are also responsible for ensuring that safety measures are adhered to during transportation of goods. They especially ensure that safety and shipping regulations are followed by learning all the tariffs and laws that the government has put into place, and then implementing appropriate policies in their companies. The average salary for this profession is $93,180 in 2014 while the career is expected to grow at a slow rate of five percent up to the year 2022.

Storage Distribution Managers

They oversee the storage of raw materials and consumer goods for a company, manage their distribution and also coordinate other important activities with department heads within the organization. Additionally, distribution managers oversee the delivery of goods by working with transportation managers. In some organizations, the storage and distribution manager may do all the duties of a transportation manager including managing transportation vehicles. The average salary for a professional in this career field is $93,180 in 2014 while the job growth rate in this profession is expected to be at five percent up to the year 2022.

Logistics Managers

They work alongside transportation and distribution managers to ensure that raw products and consumer goods are transported and delivered to their expected destinations without any hiccups along the way. They facilitate shipping, maintaining important records and negotiate during signing of transportation contracts. The average salary for a logistician was $76,830 in 2014, according to the BLS. The job growth rate in this career is expected to be 22% up to 2022.

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