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Career Outlook for Individuals with a Degree in Marketing Management

Career News February 16, 2016

A degree program in Marketing Management is common in many colleges and universities around the country. It also offers the potential to pursue a number of professions as you will see below.

Overview of Marketing Management Degree Programs

In most cases, marketing managers receive their training in technical and community colleges in a form of 2-year associate’s degree. However, most colleges and universities also offer the same training at a bachelor’s or master’s degree level. In addition, students may also become marketing managers by studying business administration, but with a specialization in marketing. Before graduation however, a student in marketing management must undertake an internship program with a recognized business organization.

Career Marketing Manager Sales Manager Market Research Analyst
Education details Associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s or master’s degree
Additional requirements Internship Internship Internship
Estimated job growth rate 9% 5% 19%
Average salary in 2012 $123,450 $110,660 $61,290

Career Options for those with a Marketing Management Degree

Almost all business organizations anywhere around the world require the services of a marketing manager. In addition, marketing management career options are many and varied, ranging from being a marketing research analyst, a sales promotion manager, or the closely related field of advertising. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree program in marketing management gives you an edge over other applicants with lower level training. The program also equips students with extensive knowledge on sales and accounting, retailing principles, general business practices, advertising and research.

Marketing Managers

They head marketing departments within an organization. Usually, marketing managers have background training on how to spearhead marketing strategies for a business organization, all with the bottom goal of reaching specific market targets. They work hand in hand with the advertising department and promotional managers in order to efficiently reach out to more customers. They achieve their marketing goals by utilizing advertisements, promotional events and cross marketing activities. Marketing managers can also take part in the pricing of goods or services offered by the company.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimate that in 2012, a marketing manager earned an average annual salary of $123,450. On the other hand, jobs for marketing managers are estimated to grow at nine percent up to the year 2022 (BLS).

Sales Managers

Their job is closely related to that of marketing managers. However, sales managers job has more to do with sustaining demand for a company’s goods in the market. They achieve this by utilizing advertisements and promotional campaigns. Unlike marketing management, sales managers try to maintain existing customers by offering coupons or other methods, so they can remain loyal to the brand. According to the BLS, professionals in this field earn an average annual salary of $110,660 with a job growth of five percent in 2012.

Marketing Research Analyst

They collect data concerning consumers’ likes and tastes, buying patterns and trends in the market, so they will know how to market their goods and services in a way that satisfy these consumers. The average annual salary for these professionals in 2012 was $61,290, according to the BLS.

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