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Career Overview for Individuals who want to pursue Human Biology

Career News April 24, 2016

A degree program in Human Biology open doors for numerous career paths in life. The program, while it mainly focuses on the human body anatomy and physiology, is responsible for careers such as pharmaceutical sales personnel and forensic science technicians, among others. Continue reading to learn the main professions related to Human Biology, their education qualification details, job duties and salaries you are likely to earn.

Essential Information for those interested in Human Biology

Most employment opportunities related to Human Biology require at least a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree level of training. However, there are other qualification details that most employers look for, such as knowledge on the lymphatic systems, biochemistry or the nervous system.

Career Forensic Science Technician Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Biological Lab Technician
Education qualifications Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree
Additional requirements On the job training On the job training Lab experience
Estimated job growth rate 27% 7% 5%
Average salary in 2012 $56,320 $59,080 $41,650

Career Options for those with a Human Biology Degree

Jobs related to human Biology are mainly found on completion of a bachelor’s degree. However, those who choose to pursue master’s level of education get even better paying jobs in top level positions. Here are some of these professions:

Forensic Science Technician

They are mainly found in law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Their work is to help in the collection and analysis of evidence for criminal investigations. Usually, forensic science technicians have the necessary knowledge to use complex equipment that are used to identify specific pieces of evidence in a crime scene.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, forensic science technician earned an average salary of $56,320 in 2012, while employment opportunities in this profession were expected to rise at a rate of 27% in the coming years.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

They represent pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies in the healthcare facilities, retail or whole sale drug stores where they seek to sell the drugs manufactured by these companies. They also qualify who to sell drugs to, arrange meetings with clients as well as coordinate these meetings. In addition, these sales representatives are trained on how to support the manufacturer’s products with clinical studies.

The pharmaceutical sales representative, according to the BLS, earned an average salary of $88,200 during 2012. On the other hand, jobs for these professionals were projected to grow at a rate of 7% from 2012 to 2022.

Biology Lab Technicians

Their work is mainly found in the laboratories where they collect samples of biological information that may then be used in conducting experiments and performing tests. Biological lab technicians study the effects of various drugs in human beings, then compile their findings into written or recorded reports. In addition, they organize and arrange the lab equipment, sanitize the tools they use as well as ensure that the whole lab is clean.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2012, Biological lab technicians earned an average salary of $40,710. On the other hand, jobs in this profession are projected to rise at a rate of 5% in the coming years.

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