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Career Overview of Individuals with a Commercial Photography Degree

Career News December 14, 2015

By enrolling for a degree program in commercial photography, you will gain important skills on how to express feelings and ideas through the lens of a camera. So, in case this is the degree you have been waiting to pursue, allow us to show you the education requirements you must have as well as the salary details for professionals in this career path.

Important Details about those with a Commercial Photography Degree

A degree in commercial photography can open doors in careers such as industrial photography, photojournalism and portrait photography. The program is creative in nature, and sometimes you can’t succeed if you are not talented in this art. Completing the degree program can help even the less talented; however, as you will learn practically how to handle cameras, and how to develop photography skills properly.

Depending on the college you enroll in, you may be helped to look for internship programs, be taught how to sell your work in media outlets and other important skills. Students pursuing this program are free to specialize in specific areas of photography such as industrial or portrait photography. Note that photojournalism is sometimes offered as a professional area by itself.

Although the job growth rate in this profession is estimate to grow at a low rate of 4%, there is still potential to get good jobs in this career path. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also estimates that the average salary in this career is $37,200.

Industrial Photography

An industrial photographer is often limited to a specific area. For example, he or she may decide to concentrate on taking photos of people, landscapes or promotional media. Their work however has to involve the use of different equipment, multiple lenses and other tools that may enhance their work. What is more important to note is that this career requires that you have enough technical know-how on the field you have settled in, otherwise you might find it difficult getting enough photographs to sell.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photographers can either be self employed or get employed by photography studios. They spend their time taking photographs for individuals and groups of people during events such as weddings, parties and graduation dates.

A portrait photographer can buy their own equipment or work with equipment given to them by the studio owners. However, most people prefer to buy their own photography equipment, which may also include tools that help their cameras last for a longer period of time.

A good photographer has to learn how to keep book records for their clients, bills and know how to train or hire new employees into their studios. Lastly, if you decide to become a photojournalist, you must get ready to spend a lot in maintenance and purchasing of cameras and other tools.


They work for newspapers and magazines, both mainstream and digital platforms. When they decide to work as freelancers, they look for photographs that could create great stories for a newspaper publishing house and then sell their work to them.

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