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Careers in Mall Security: Job Options and Requirements

Career News July 11, 2016

If you have ever been interested in becoming a mall security guard, read the article below to learn about the education details, the training background and salary information for these professionals.

Details about Mall Security Jobs

Basically, a mall security guard is responsible for the security of mall staff, shoppers and property within the mall. They are often highly trained and have the ability to handle almost any situation with tremendous individual risk. In most cases, people use mall security jobs as a stepping stone towards a greater career in the law enforcement field.

Education details High school diploma or bachelor’s degree in a supervisory positions
Additional requirements Certificate, operating license and clean criminal record
Estimated job growth rate (2014) 5%
Average salary in 2014 $24,680

Mall security Career Options

The main role of a mall security guard is to safeguard the mall’s property, its staff members and all the shoppers who visit the mall on a daily basis. Mall security guards work in collaboration with local law enforcement officers to ensure that everything pertaining to the mall is safe and that criminals arrested within the mall are all apprehended by the police.

Static Positions

From the word static, these security guards monitor the property and shoppers from one location, often using security cameras. Once a static officer notes an anomaly in the mall, he or she informs motion security guards who then take appropriate action. Sometimes, static security guards may go by the names of loss prevention officers or loss prevention specialists, which also suggest that these professions may be hired to solely deal on strategies aimed at minimizing losses in the malls.

Mobile Positions

They physically monitor activities happening in the mall with special attention being given to suspicious shoppers or any indicators of theft in the mall. They work hand in hand with static guards and in most cases, they are the people who respond to any theft cases in the mall. When emergencies occur within the mall, it is the mobile position officers who offer help required. Other duties include assisting mall patrons where necessary, investigating shop lifting crimes or serving as witnesses in local law courts.

Traffic Enforcement

They generally deal with the exteriors of the mall, especially in the parking lots and gates to ensure that security for all patrons is assured as they enter or leave the mall.

Requirements for Mall Security Jobs

At the lower end, mall security guards are only required to have a high school diploma and be at least 18 years of age. However, supervisory roles demand higher job training, with some malls asking for a bachelor’s degree in justice or criminal law as minimum requirement.


A license may be acquired after thorough training in the place of work or may be given by independent security providers. The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) offers certificates to mall security guards with more than seven years of experience in their job. Finally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a mall security guard earned an average annual salary of $24,680 during 2014.

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