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Military Career Counselor

Career News August 13, 2013

Most people think of the military as a hard-edged institution where superiors shout at lower ranking officers. However, this is just one “side” of the military. There is a time and place for everything, including counseling and emotional support. This is the job of the military career counselor who can provide assistance to active-duty enlisted soldiers.

Duties of the Military Career Counselor

The main job of the military career counselor is to handle interviews for retention (keeping soldiers in active force), and encouraging them to reenlist. Not only is this person put in charge of talking to soldiers and using his or her people skills, but the military career counselor also helps determine soldier eligibility for these privileges. Other job duties include providing advice to commanders who are looking for specific selections for a project and handling declines. You will be in charge of determining what jobs are ideal for your new trainees and candidates, conveying the job needs for the positions you are filling, and assigning candidates to the jobs they best fit—all for the benefit and efficiency of the institution. It is no easy task, so there is a great deal of prestige and job satisfaction in this type of leadership position.

In order to break into this career, you are not only going to school for psychology, but are also joining the military institution, namely, the human resource subsection and personnel management sectors. There is a training process that lasts approximately two weeks and a 110 aptitude score is required. No special security clearance is required for most of these jobs, nor is power or strength a prerequisite.

Requirements and Expectations

The minimum requirements are not that taxing; you can be a high school graduate or attend one-year of college, in order to break into an entry level position. However, the military career counselor may require special training in the way of human resources, counseling, psychology, and other areas. Obviously, if you apply for a job with more education under your belt, you do stand a better chance of being hired. If your resume is accepted, you must go in for an interview and will be subject to invasive, but friendly questions about your hobbies, work history and the jobs you have previously worked.

A lot of young people out there mistakenly believe that you have to sacrifice higher education for entry-level athleticism when you join the military. This is not true. You can continue your education before, after or even during your service! There are even scholarship programs set aside for ambitious students, such as the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, the Marine Corps reserve program and the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

This opportunity will give you the chance to serve your country, supervise others, develop new skills, gain life-long experience, enjoy world travel, and guide young people to promising careers with the military career counselor position.

Find out more about army careers that involve psychology and discover your dream job by requesting more information from one of the schools listed below!

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