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Nevada: Nursing Workforce Update

Career News September 10, 2013

The following report is to provide information concerning the Nevada nursing workforce in relationship to the nursing a healthcare industry. Nursing is a vital part of what makes the healthcare industry run smoothly. Without nurses, there would be little or no qualified patient care and the patient’s basic needs would go unaddressed.

As nurses’ continue to grow older and face retirement, job openings in the nursing field will continue to increase with approximately 155,000 new positions being available by 2018.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Health Resources and Services Administration officials claim every state in the union will experience a shortage of nurses in varying degrees. The causes for possible shortages in the nursing industry are as follows:

Changing Demographics – Demographics in the state of Nevada are constantly changing. As the current population ages, new residents move into the state, seeking job opportunities in various industries popular to the state.

Recruitment/Retention Issues – The task of recruiting new nurses and retaining existing ones is challenging. Nursing is not an easy profession. A person must be dedicated to serving others in need and able to handle the many stresses involved in the profession.

Job Related Stress – Nursing is a high stress profession. Watching when others are in pain or are suffering can take their toll. Immediate response requires quick thinking and even quicker action. Being able to provide an immediate response and precise care on a continual basis is tiring and takes a person who thrives in that type of work environment.

Retirement – As in any industry, many nurses who are currently employed are nearing retirement age. This means as they leave the workforce the majority of their positions will remain unfilled if the number of nursing students does not continue to increase.

Nevada: Nursing Workforce at a Glance

•Average annual wage for an RN in the state of Nevada is approximately $69,110, or $33.23 per hour.
•605 Registered Nurses work in the state of Nevada for every 100,000 residents. The national average is 864 per 100,000. (0.6 percent of total)
•Approximately 36 percent of RN’s in Nevada are between the ages of 46 to 55 years.
•23.4 percent of Nevada’s RN workforce is nearing retirement age (56 to 65 years)
•Nevada is ranked 8th in the nation for highest paid nursing positions.

Nevada: Future Outlook for Nursing Jobs

The Nevada Action Coalition has joined, with California, in furthering the promotion of educational advanced degrees in the field of nursing. While it is agreed the possibility of a nursing shortage will continue to exist in several of the 50 states, the goal is to increase the number of prospective nurses in the field by offering degree programs that encourage advancement in the field.

With over 250,000 new nursing positions opening up over the next 8 to 10 years, the need for qualified LPN and RN’s will continue to grow. Nevada is no exception. The state has reported a shortage of RN’s and LPN’s for the past several years. However, with Nevada’s change in demographics, the hope remains that more nurses’ will move to the area and fill the available positions.

Nevada is striving to restructure its medical and healthcare system. This system will make it easier for existing LPN’s to return to school, furthering their career and education with advanced degrees. Healthcare agencies are encouraging the Nevada nursing workforce to continue recruiting and hiring eligible nursing graduates, in an attempt to offer Nevada’s residents the best patient care possible.

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