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New Mexico Nurse Practitioners

Career News September 21, 2013

Nurse practitioners are responsible for diagnosing and treating acute, repeated or chronic medical conditions. They may work independently or as a part of a healthcare team. Some nurse practitioners focus on health promotion and disease prevention while others work in a specific field of expertise such as gynecology, pediatrics or geriatrics. Nurse practitioners are able to prescribe medication, order diagnostic tests and make referrals to specialists. To become an advanced practice nurse in New Mexico, you’ll need an advanced degree in nursing in addition to licensure as a registered nurse.

Work Environment of Nurse Practitioners

In New Mexico, nurse practitioners are able to choose from a wide variety of work environments. You may find employment in a physician’s office, medical clinic, hospital, specialty care facility, outpatient care center, nursing home, university or home healthcare service. Most nurse practitioners work full-time. You may enjoy the flexibility of working evening, overnight or weekend hours to balance personal and family time with the needs of your patients.

Opportunities for Growth and Change

Nurse practitioners work in many different specialties. You won’t feel limited with all the opportunities for personal and professional growth and change. An advanced practice nurse may work in psychiatric hospitals, helping people with mental illness. You may work with children, providing immunizations and critical healthcare services. Advance practice nurses may be on staff at nursing homes. There, they help with geriatric conditions such as dementia and injury prevention. You’ll have more than 100 specialties to choose from in your career.

Continuing Education and Learning Opportunities

Nurse practitioners are required to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain licensure. You’ll be able to enjoy many learning opportunities to help you provide the best possible care to your patients. You’ll be able to learn about advancements in medical technology, medications and ways to help promote health and prevent illness and injury. Advancing your education may allow you to further your career by moving into management or teaching roles.

Employer and Patient Appreciation

Advanced practice nurses enjoy high salaries and flexible work hours. Benefits such as vacation and health insurance are provided by their employers. You’ll also gain the appreciation of your patients and their families in your daily work. In your daily activities of helping save lives, promoting public health and helping families care for patients, you’ll feel valued, appreciated and respected. As a registered advanced practice nurse in New Mexico, you’ll enjoy considerable job security as well with job openings between 2012 and 2022 forecast to increase by 19 percent, which is faster than the average of all occupations. (4) The large proportion of retirees in New Mexico means many opportunities for employment in nursing homes and living facilities exist.

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