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Per Diem Nursing Jobs: Why You Should Consider Getting One

Career News September 22, 2013

When going off to college to study nursing, most people are unsure of what type of nurse they want to be. The choices are abundant, and a career in nursing can take the nurse just about anywhere. Many decide to move around a little bit until they discover what they enjoy doing the best. In addition to deciding what type of nurse they want to be, they will also have to decide what type of work schedule they want. In this area, nurses are also able to choose from a variety of sources. Some choose full-time, others choose part-time. There are choices involving the work schedule, which include what shift you want, whether you want to work three days of 12 hours each or weekends only. If you want a job that gives you the flexibility to pursue other dreams that you may have while working as a nurse then per diem nursing is a great choice.

What Does a Per Diem Nurse Do?

The words per diem mean “per day.” A per diem nurse may arrange it, so that she only works on certain days each week. She may also arrange to work only a certain number of hours each week. Per diem nursing jobs also come in the form of contracted work. A per diem nurse may accept per diem nursing jobs and work for a certain number of hours a month for so many weeks at a time. The most common per diem nursing jobs are fulfilling a position when someone is ill. You could receive a call just a few hours before the shift to come in and work.

Where Does a Per Diem Nurse Work?

Per diem nursing jobs are available in just about any type of nursing situation. Some of the places that a per diem nurse works are at nursing homes, a doctor’s office, a hospital, at a school and more. A per diem nurse is able to work anywhere that the agency has positions available. The location is also selective. Per diem nursing jobs are available in the city or the country.

What Does a Per Diem Nurse Earn?

Due to the inconveniences of being a per diem nurse, the pay is above average when compared to a nurse in the hospital. The reason for this is because the per diem nurse does not have a set schedule, but has to be ready to go with only a short notice. If someone calls in sick for their shift, the per diem nurse will be called. Some per diem nursing jobs may offer benefits to their staff. Also, same day pay is not uncommon for a nurse who does per diem nursing through an agency. These are just some of the special benefits that you receive when you do this type of nursing.

Per diem nursing jobs are perfect for those who cannot work with a typical schedule or for those who want to stay home with their children a good deal of time. A per diem nursing job is also for those who work another job part-time or goes to school.

If these type of nursing interests you then check into per diem nursing jobs through your local nursing agency. Freedom and flexibility go hand-in-hand with this type of nursing.

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