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Requirements and Career Options for Business Law Majors

Career News September 23, 2015

Business law majors primarily concentrate on the law as this refers to the movement of and commercial transactions between companies. In addition, this type of major provides a foundation for professions in law such as industries and finance, which are subject to powerful government regulation.

Career Options for Business Law Majors

Students who major in business law can find employment in firms, which are massively regulated by the government like real estate, banking, auditing, insurance and not-for-profits. Moreover, other possible fields include marketing, law-related industries, human resources and health care. Individuals who have majored in business law are also ready for such positions in the field of corporate and management compliance.

Apart from this, their training in critical thinking and analysis beneficially positions people who majored in this field for jobs that require financial analysis. Meanwhile, some positions like CPA (Certified Public Accountant) necessitate licensing.

Loan Officer: Being a loan officer requires risk analysis and financial skills in order to effectively assess loan applications. He or she needs to contemplate on several factors regarding the risk which a lending firm takes through granting a loan and assessing if the loan is or is not a favorable risk for the firm.

Risk Analyst: Also referred to as actuaries, risk analysts work to evaluate, interpret and measure the risks an entity takes as compared to the possible financial benefit that entity stands to experience through some actions.

Financial Analyst: These people provide overviews on financial as well as investment concerns to individuals and businesses. And, because of the massive growth of financial markets in current years and the anticipated continuous expansion in these markets in the coming years, financial analysts that can efficiently lead the financial future of businesses and individuals are in high demand. To succeed as financial analysts, it is required to major in accounting and business aspects of the degree program.

What are the Requirements for Business Law Majors?

It is fundamental to obtain a basic understanding of the legal system. In the same way, students must also learn the approaches in dealing with business issues, how this influences the prosperous operation of a business and how to develop the ability to come up with workable business decisions, which are informed by their deeper insight of the law. The curriculum embodies other topics like environmental law, securities law as well as international business.

Accounting Focus

Many universities and colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs that incorporate business and accounting law. Indeed, the curriculum may also require students to take separate classes in business law or may integrate business into accounting classes in order to accomplish the requirements of the degree.

Take into account that a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in business law entitles an individual to not merely work in public accounting alone, but also in government organizations, insurance and real estate firms.

Legal Focus

Some bachelor’s degree programs concentrate on diverse facets of business law while some business law programs like a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Legal Studies are outlined as pre-law course of study that specializes in law.

Commercial transactions, intellectual property law and marketing law are also some of the courses offered in these programs. Graduates may prefer to work in risk management, consulting, law or business, public administration, etc.

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