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Salary Expectation for Those with a Culinary Arts Degree

Career News December 30, 2014

Maybe you are already attending school to obtain your culinary arts degree and you are now wondering what the salary ranges might be and what might be the best environments for you to work in.

Culinary Arts Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salaries vary depending on place of employment and the level of certification or the degree that you obtain.

Whether you attend a culinary arts school, a technical school, or a community college in your area, the curriculum will teach the same aspects, but may teach them a bit differently with unique focuses. All programs have similar books that will be used throughout, while basic food preparations are also taught. There are sanitation rules and regulations to learn, along with creativity and presentations.

Bakers require only a few months of schooling and will obtain a certification. The level of certification can go up to a master baker and require up to eight years of college. Many will also require an internship in which they will work with a bakery chef to learn tricks and tips of the trade.

The Culinary Arts Salary Range Depends on the Job Positions

If you are going for an overall culinary arts degree, it can take anywhere from one year up to eight years depending on the level of education and the degree desired. You can work as a line cook, chef’s assistant, food and beverage server, or food preparation worker all the way up to culinary arts management. Salary will depend on location, employer, and education.

Initially, the salary might start at $23,000 annually, and it is said that casino, resort, and upscale restaurant workers can bring in the highest salaries. There are also culinary arts specialist that are self employed, such as running their own bakeries or restaurants or private parties, who can potentially bring in a much bigger salary and, in some cases, can even bring in six figures.

On average, it is said to be between $23,000 and $74,000, which can be more or less depending on the chosen field and employer. Also, the salary might depend on whether or not benefits are offered, such as a 401k.

Talk About the Culinary Arts Salary Range

To determine what your employer should pay, talk to other chefs from different locations and levels to hear their opinions. They may also give you some insight into personalities you meet on the job that you may have not previously thought about.

Maybe you only want to become a baker or even a master baker. Maybe you want to become a master chef and get into the management aspects of the culinary arts. Either way, it is wise to be personally aggressive in your quest to find knowledge of the profession.

Learn all you can about the different fields that may fit your career desires. Doing the research will be well worth the extra work. Knowledge can be very powerful and even priceless to you. Think about where you’re going long before you start the journey.

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